Cyril Ramaphosa – New President Of South Africa

Statement Of The African National Congress


The African National Congress (ANC) welcomes the election of the President of the ANC, Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa, as the President of the Republic of South Africa today. The election of President Ramaphosa today once again affirms the maturing and enduring nature of our democracy. It further provides an opportunity for us all to recommit ourselves to the values that define us as South Africans – upholding the rule of law, advancing the interests of our country above all, promoting and protecting of universal justice, hard work and selfless service to the people – as articulated in the oath we expect our President to take..

Cde Ramaphosa has over many years proven himself equal to the task expected of him, demonstrating his ability to lead with integrity and face challenges that confront our country. As one of the architects of both our world acclaimed Constitution and the transformative National Development Plan (NDP), President Ramaphosa has been part of the men and women who have shaped and defined our aspirations, hopes and vision for our future.

The African National Congress has full confidence in President Ramaphosa to build on the foundation laid and focus the country on accelerating our program of fundamental and radical socio-economic transformation. This will include giving effect to the ANC resolutions to accelerate land redistribution through amongst other mechanisms, the expropriation of land without compensation, and the fulfilment of our decision to provide fee-free education to children of the working class and the poor. The eradication of poverty, inequality and injustice in our country must shape his legacy as president of South Africa.

To give effect to this requires, amongst others, restoring the credibility of public institutions, state owned enterprises and law enforcement agencies. It will further demand strong, properly functioning and efficient government at national, provincial and local levels, working together will all social partners.

The African National Congress pledges its full support to President Ramaphosa, knowing as we do, that he has always held the ANC as the strategic centre of power and its policies and decisions being the lodestar to the work of government. We further trust and believe that President Ramaphosa enjoys the support of millions in South Africa who now look forward to this new phase in our country’s history.

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  1. It is actually absurd that the ANC does not even shy away from the fact that Ramaphosa was instrumental in drafting the constitution. We should remember that this is the very same constitution that legitimises land and resources theft by whites from the rightful owners in this country.

    Also, this constitution is based on the laws of the very same oppressors namely: Roman-Dutch Law. Firstly, black people were disposed of all that they owned, and then laws were enacted to legitimise the dispossession. Instrumental in the whole process is Ramaphosa himself, a traitor, who happens to be the president today.

    This goes to show what the ANC is all about. Just a bunch of tokens and puppets, hell-bent on legitimising oppression and slavery of their own people and protecting the white supremacist status-qou at all costs. Riding rough-shod over the aspirations and freedom of their own people for a buck or two.

    Recently at Davos, the same Ramaphosa was excited and grinning from ear to ear on the news that the Rand is gaining value, as if Blacks own the Rand. For that matter, the Govt doesn’t even own the SARB. Neither does it own the decision making processes that happen at that bank.

    This is a classical case of a slave that thinks he is free. Simply because he can catch the crumbs that fall from the masters table and be content with that. This is a very dangerous and malicious slave, because he will never even think to run away from the plantation. He will also earn the accolades of being a good slave from his slave master and be rewarded with a position of being a house-nigger, that will keep tabs on the field-niggers.

    With Ramaphosa and the ANC, it’s mission accomplished. Perpetual servitude and slavery.Shame on this country and it’s puppet leaders.

  2. I am glad for the election of President Ramaphosa as the President of the Republic of South Africa. What I will expect from him is the following.
    He must allow independence of government institutions, to continue with free education at tertiary level, he must fight corruption and state capture lastly he must unlock opportunities for building black capitalists.

    1. But all that will not bring back the land and stolen resources. Many so called black leaders have come and gone since 1652 and nothing material has really happened. In fact, we are far more worse of than in 1652 because today, we cannot even feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, be ruled by our own laws etc etc. How are a people free if they still depend on the oppressor for their food, water, clothing, education etc etc. All that black people have is a vote. People do not eat a vote.

      Ramaphosa like all of them will never deliver any black man from being a slave to the oppressors. All of them tried and failed simply because they do not know why the black man is in the condition that he is in today. That is why the first thing that they talk about is the economy. Growing the economy and creating jobs etc etc. Whose economy are they talking about? This is not our economy. Blacks own nothing and whites own this economy. Our struggle is not for the economy. Our struggle is to fight to get back all that was stolen from us so that we can build our own land and the economy. So that we can produce our own food, clothes, minerals etc etc.

      It is really absurd to keep on hoping that the oppressor will allow us to build black capitalists. The oppression itself is engineered to specifically guard against that. Blacks own nothing because this very same economy has dispossessed us of everything. The only solution is to get back all that was stolen from us in order to build ourselves up.

      All the noise about jobs and the economy is just a smokescreen and a distraction. It is 400 years down the line and nothing has happenned. Every other leader failed, what makes people to think that Ramaphosa will succeed? This really blows my mind up. But I guess it is the same politicians that are rubbing all this poison into people’s minds. Going about pretending as if they are saviours, whilst they operate within the very same system that is designed to oppress and enslave them. You cannot reform such a wicked system like the one that you find in this country. The only solution is to collapse the system, not co-operate with this wicked system. The first port of call should be to collapse the legal system. As you probably know, we are ruled by the Roman-Dutch Law. Both the Dutch and Romans are our oppressors and slave masters. This is not what Ramaphosa is telling you.

      How then can he free a black man from the system that even he himself does not understand? Quite a lot of hogwash I should say. This is what you get from these stupid politicians. They have been pretending to be saviours for the past 400 years.

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