COVID-19 Laws Curb People’s Freedoms and Introduce Military Martial Law

A Reader Questions The Motives of The Laws Behind The Corona Virus

WITHOUT any denial on the existence of Corona virus per se, why is it that all the information that we get is so one sided. I would expect the government and hospitals to empower people on how to treat themselves of the virus. With all the so called scientists and doctors, it is really very strange to me that no one knows anything about a potential treatment which is suspicious in itself. All that we hear is prevention but there is nothing regarding treatment or self treatment. How possible is this?

Since Corona virus is a flu virus, and we know that viruses cannot be cured anyway, in my mind, it make sense to treat this virus like any other virus namely: To use the available flu medication to deal with the symptoms like fever, coughing and sneezing. Why is no doctor or scientist advising on that?

The truth is that if you empower people to treat themselves, there would not be this madness that we are seeing today. To me, this convinces me that what is happening in the background is more than the virus itself, but there are sinister motives that we are not being told about. My main concern for instance is that most governments are making laws in the background. And these laws are done with the pretext that they should protect people from the virus. But if you look deeper, at the end of the day, these laws are intended to curb people’s freedoms and to introduce military martial law. Long after the Corona virus is gone, these laws will forever remain in the statute books and can be invoked at anytime to subjugate people. Much like the terrorism laws that remained in the statute books long after the advent of 911.

The 911 laws are used today in the USA to incarcerate people, particularly black people who are being looked at as terrorists today. I heard that the only solution to this virus is a vaccine. It now unsettles me that the man at the head of this vaccine development is Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is the man that believes that 1 billion people on this earth should die in order to bring the earth back to equilibrium.

And remember, Bill Gates is not talking about his own people but us the poor black people. That is why he predicted that 10 million of us are going to die from the virus. Does he know something that we do not know, or something that we are not being told about? If you look at ID2020 website (whom the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are stakeholders), you will notice that its website elucidates that there is a problem with identifying people particularly those people that are in third world or developing countries. Now these people have to be implanted with microchip IDs that have a capability to inject vaccines into people’s blood streams. This is the same man that claimed that vaccines are one of the vehicles to reduce the population. Also note that most people that are in these developing countries are our people, black people. No one is talking about Europe or USA relating to these digital IDs and vaccines. To me, this sounds like a planned mass genocide for our people.

Many people do not even know the ingredients of these vaccines. It will shock you to know that each vaccines, including the flu vaccines that should be taken every year includes some of the most poisonous substance like the H1N1 flu virus, Formaldehyde, Mercury, Thimerosal, Aluminium etc. All these ingredients are neuro-toxins meaning that they destroy the brain and its brain cells which might result in autism, cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. There a numerous scientific papers that attest to this. The also add other ingredients like bacteria, MF59, sorbitol etc etc. When these people are confronted about why they add these toxins in vaccines, they say that they only add small quantities that are not toxic to the body.

The big question is: Would anybody with a sound mind, ingest these poisons even at smallest quantities and dosages. I do not know of anybody that would ingest any poison in any quantity. The question is why would anybody put poisons in what was supposed to be medicine. Also, no one would ever know the reaction of these neurotoxins when the come into contact with other minerals in the body like iron, proteins etc. Who knows the effect when these toxins come into contact with other minerals? I guess no one knows. The already present minerals may multiply the effects of those poisons in the body. Also, due to the fact that the flu vaccine has to be taken annually, what is the overall effect of taking that flu vaccine for 10 years for example, would the level of toxins in the blood not increase to dangerous levels, therefore becoming a slow poison that kills slowly and softly?

I might be crazy, but the question is: How can a man like Bill Gates that believes that a billion people should die now have an interest and stake in the health of the people of the world that he wants to murder. Would it not be easier for him to leave these people to die from the virus since it is what he wants to achieve in the first place? This makes me very suspicious of the vaccine that he is developing right now. Is it not intended to kill a billion people? A billion of our people, black people?

Please my people be aware of the viles of the devil and protect yourselves from these devices that are meant to eradicate you from the face of this earth. Never agree to take anything that you do not know how it is constituted including vaccines and GMOs. The devil is all out to destroy you. Remember the next big thing after the Corona lockdown is vaccinations. Probably they are gonna replace the H1N1 with the Corona virus itself and inject it in innocent people to murder them. Like they did with HIV.

So we should not fear the Corona itself, but what follows after the Corona. Mass vaccinations and laws that are being enacted right now to prepare for military lockdowns and the implementation of the Mark of the Beast (Microchip: Digital IDs) across the world. Please be wise and protect yourselves and your families from these devils. And please spread this knowledge to your love ones in order to enable them to prepare themselves and protect themselves against this madness and the coming Mark of the Beast.

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