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Ciex no work of Fiction: Koorbonally to Johann Rupert



Ref is made to:
Ciex Investigation & findings.
Operations on behalf of RSA Government Aug 1997-Dec 1999.
Commissioned to Judge Willem Heath(Heath Commission)

Discovery of fraud:

(1) The existence of illegal gifts to Absa/Bankorp, Bankovs, Fnb & Nedbank dressed up as Lifeboats and organised by Chris Stals in concert with Marius Darling (Sanlam), Danie Cronje(Absa) and Anton & Johan Rupert (Rembrandt)” was discovered by Ciex during 1995 while working on behalf of a UK Investor in Toll- Gate who had been defrauded by Absa Management, with the collaboration of Chris Stals & Senior Sarb Managers.

(2) Similar Fraudulent schemes were discovered to be operated by Officials & Ministers in relation to “Bond Issues”.
The Sarb issued undisclosed trenches of bond issues to Absa, in dollar denominations, stock numbers are:
#RSA 150:12% maturity date 28.2.05
#RSA 153:13% maturity date 31.8.10
“These unrecorded transactions represent potentially heavy liability for government”

Similar Bonds worth R750m were issued to Absa as part of the soft loan/ Lifeboat, which was nothing but a gift @ 16% yield of which Absa was allowed to pocket the difference between so called loan was at 1% and they pocketed. In layman’s terms, this means whatever amount allegedly paid back to Sarb on this bogus lifeboat was paid back to Absa in the form of the gains from these Bonds @15% Yield. The argument that this was done as collateral for the protection of depositors is an insult to the financial/accounting profession, as the shares should have been used as collateral.

Danie Cronje was recorded in 1998 as saying to a bank official in the UK:
“We are getting the S.A. Government pretty much under control in this matter & might well get away with no more than a warning”.

Chris Stals is nothing but a crooked human being who cannot be trusted with whatever he says.
His defence statement to former Public Protector is a conscious and deliberate obfuscation and distortion of the truth, he continues to lie.
Ref is made to November 1997, South African Supreme Court judge Mr Justice HC Nel issued a damning report on Mr Stals’s reign at the Reserve Bank and called for his influence on the South African business community to be “eradicated”.

Further ref is made to:
Chris Stals in speaking to the Parliamentary inquiry into Cape Investment Bank (CIB) to Mr Justice Rabie`s secret arbitration and to the 417 inquiry into Toll-Gate, Stals provided different accounts of justifications for supporting Bankorp’s so called lifeboat and causes of Bankorp problems.

All the key participants in this financial crime were members of a secretive organisation (Broederbond) dedicated to the maintenance of white minority rule and to maintain and preserve the Afrikaner nation’s dominance in an overwhelmingly non-Afrikaner society.

Stals was a prominent member of the Broederbond. His father was a leader since 1918 .
Leading executives of Absa and the banking group’s two chief shareholders, the Rupert Group and insurance giant Sanlam, were also Broederbond members.

The same broederbond were the funders via Absa of a then secretive organisation with the deceptively bland title of Directorate of Covert Collections (DCC) which was established in the dying days of apartheid. The DCC set up a network of front companies to facilitate the grisly work of apartheid’s death squads around the world.
This constituted to the Act of Terrorism Funding, also regarded as one of the most serious international offences or “act of war”.

Officially the Broederbond no longer exists, but this particular leopard changed its spots and started operating under Project Grapevine which later changed to Project Spiderweb and still continues its operations & objectives .

My name is Jeff Koorbanally a Private Forensic Investigator and I have been investigating allegation of fraud,theft against SARB,SANLAM,ABSA/BARCLAYS,FNB, since 2009. for fraud & theft, money laundering since 2009.

The Bonds were traced on Absa International banking data base (Forex) A Dormant account came up in the search as: Account dormant antrecode 0000/4444, this antrecode was linked to UBS.

Account type Catogory “S” Account name A(MM) Surtie. Account preferred centre Absa Towers Jhb, Transfer Inheritance, Amount $36 billion dollars, date 1984.12.10 from UK to Barclays S.A. Ltd.

The next screen reveals the trenches of Govt Bonds in USD totaling the $36billion. It also revealed that the bonds were issued between Jan – June 1985 (to be specific last date was 7.6.1985).

My conclusion is that this case is the biggest fraud, theft & money laundering ever committed by any country and the amount involved is in access of over R2,5 Trillion. These actions started in 1985 and continued in post 1994  todate.
The Lifeboat/Gift to Bankorp revealed by British Ciex report is part thereof.

This crime was committed by issuing Open Ended, Tap base & Bearer type, Government Bonds, issued in several trenches in USD denominations, with the grand total of $36 billion Us Dollars in 1985.

It was Masterminded by the under mentioned trio:

  • Dr Gerhardus Petrus Christiaan de Kock (Then Governor Sarb)
  • Dr Christian Lodewyk Stals ( Then DG Treasury)
  • Barend Jacobus du Plessis (Then Finance Minister).

The main beneficiaries of this crime are:

  •  Rupert Family and shareholders through Remgro & Associates
  • Oppenheimer Family through Anglo American & Associates
  • UBS (Bankorp shareholders)
  • Absa/Barclays (Executives & Shareholders
  • Fnb bank (Executives & Shareholders)
  • Sarb ( Old Executives & shareholders)

Main Accomplices to the crime in the Democratic Government era, in terms of their knowledge and failure of disclosure & cover up thereof are:
#Thabo Mbeki
#Trevor Manual
#Tito Mboweni
#Gill Marcus
#Maria Ramos
#Elex Erwin
#Pravin Gordhan
#Nhlanhla Nene
#Mcebisi Jonas
#Ronnie Kasrils

This crime is currently holding our Democracy at ransom, with the potential of taking the country down to zero. This crime was a serious crime of money laundering into world stock markets in total violation of the Stock securities Commission Act, Penalties for such crime is total suspension from Sovereign bond markets, in addition heavy fines can be imposed with the Max of 4 times the value of the crime ($36bn x 4 =$144 billion)

Am on record with all the under mentioned institutions on this matter,and the facts cannot and have not been disputed.

*SAPS (dpci)& NPA (request for full investigation & prosecute was requested)
*SARB (request to access to info was requested & denied), *ABSA(request for cooperation was denied),
*NIA (Recoveries approved by the President failed due to lack of capacity & jurisdiction issues), *SASS (Matter was referred to back to NIA due to being domestic matter, as SASS deals with Foreign matters only)
*SCOPA &,AUDITOR GENERAL (Both institution were awaiting For PP findings).
*FW De KLERK FOUNDATION (They did not dispute it, but claimed that De Klerk would have not known about it as he had other Presidential duties),
*FINANCE MINISTRY/TREASURY (Request for a complete audit on bonds issued from 1985-1999 & request to access to info, and claim was lodged all was ignored ) *FIC (Access to info ignored,
* OPP( Complaint of mal administration was reported 2010 alongside Adv Paul Hoffman, she undertook to complete before her end of term and  never did. Since found out that the complaint was down washed to exclude the Bond Issues and Excluded Sanlam & Remgro).
*FSB ( request for Full Probe of inside trading by Absa/Barclays with these said bonds, was denied stating only parliament could request such)

This is a shortened version of Jeff Koorbanally’s letter. The views and information contained in this letter have not been confirmed by UnCensored. We publish this letter with the hope that those implicated will respond to Koorbanally. 


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  1. Matters of Administration, so much for the SSA I hope Honorable David Mahlobo is looking in this matter. To the point of the media being quiet or ignorant on this matter is a card on the sleeves of the drivers of project spiderweb it is reflected on their mandate that they will defend project spiderweb through the media and SARS is also amongst their defense mechanism. This revelation is however a tip of the iceberg, digging deep there’s more to this matter and should it be investigated heads will roll. This is proof that even though apartheid has been announced to have ended I tell it has not ended and if not careful the ANC will give the descendants of apartheid back their power in a silver plate.

  2. The thieves must be arrested pending investigations, WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!!

    Re u se ke ua kōpa ka mosa, empa re batla hore u ho lefa chelete ea rōna.

    Also, I observe with contempt the deafening silence of the DA on the matter, anyway I am not surprised since I have been aware all along as to what the DA really stand for…

    Also I wish to commend Malema, after a long silence, his stance on the matter as he came out in defence of Apartheid looting (i.e. ABSA scandal in particular.). Now we are certain that yes Malema is indeed a “Rupert’s boy”.

    I wish to convey my sincere respect that I have with EFF supporters, mhhh but their leader… There are thousands of people out there who voted for the EFF out of honest belief that the organization would help by fulfilling their mandate [liberating the poor], yes EFF is not my favourite party but I personally believe that there were people who formed it with a pure & honest goal, that is liberation of the poor, those people were later purged by Malema simply because he knew that the EFF goal was the opposite. Even, very few people understand that the EFF was not formed by Malema, but he highjacked it as he did with ANCYL, for his narrow selfish purposes…

    So, I disagree with Malema and I hope that the EFF voters also blatantly disagree with him with regard to his evil stance towards ABSA scandal…

    That is why I unashamedly say: #ABSAmustFall

  3. HHmmm! This is sad for our country. We see a government and its ruling party that is very very very reluctant to act on this massive fraud. We have a “captured” ANC which is “eating” itself out of power day by day. The free masons are having a meal of South Africa, they buy everyone who may be a threat to their loot. It’s a sad, very sad state of affairs. But, they shall not enjoy the fruit of theft forever as the citizens will rise up against their tyranny in spite of their heavy defence. Also, it is likely that the President may not finish his term of office; some party MPs having been “bought/captured” to tip the scale should there be another vote of no confidence (defying the party line). A civil war on the cards, and another revolution!!!

    1. The reason why the ANC is crumbling is because the Kingdom of the Romans is falling. As the ANC is aligned to this wicked kingdom of the oppressors, obviously when the kingdom falls, it takes along its babies and alliances. Look at what they are doing in the Middle East right now. They are screaming for peace but fermenting and fighting wars. They are screaming peace but they build nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Such a confused kingdom will not stand. That is why it is falling. It has to.

  4. This is a big issue for our country. Would this have been come out if the Gupta issue was not revealed? Are these not diversion tactics to remove societies’ eyeball on corruption and abuse of power? Let all these scandals be investigated. Absa, Guptas, Nuclear deals, Eskom, Transnet, SAA etc.

  5. Well done Mr Jeff gud going go after all of them and bring them to answer all activities of wrong doing and not having any conscious of their mysterious behaviour .how shamefully…

  6. Please all of you implicated, respond to Mr Koorbanally’s charges. We wait to see how you will try and wriggle you out of this one. Strongs JK.

    1. I cannot wait Jannie but none will. Hopefully Jeff queries the final report and brings in his evidence in the review.

  7. Dear Jeff,

    WOW ! This is an AMAZING ‘narrative’ !!!!

    There are 2 things here :



    Do you agree with me ?

    GOD is for you Sir.

    The People are with you. After all it is the People’s MONEY that these CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES (CCT) have STOLEN. Right.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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