Chronicles of Malema’s love-hate Relationship with Media

By Hloni Nyetanyane

The scene was ANC headquarters (Luthuli House) in April 2010 when firebrand ANC Youth League President Julius Malema was addressing the media. He started talking about Zimbabwean nationals who complained about the state of affairs back home while cruising in the lap of luxury from Sandton apartments. Out of the blue a BBC reporter Johan Fisher interjected: “You also live in Sandton.” Malema retorted: “here you behave or else you jump.” Fisher laughed in reaction to Malema’s retort and the rabble-rouser lost control of his inhibitory senses. He screamed: “Get out… bloody agent.” This is probably the scene that set

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      Dear Mohale

      A part of me thought to ignore your remark but on second thoughts decided otherwise because it is based purely on emotion and not fact.

      1. Political allegiance of Contributors

      The contributors on UnCensored are free to back any political party they like. Many of the ANC & SACP members who hold positions at branches and contribute to this platform usually state so clearly at the bottom of their articles.

      We have a lot of Pan Africanists whose views are clearly against the ANC.

      Im happy to see that we have a contributor who is pro-EFF. I have often written for and against the EFF even though Im not a member or a “Malema cheer group”.

      We offer a platform for anybody who wants to write and put their views of the world across.

      2. Number of articles published against Malema/EFF articles

      We’ve published in just this past week several articles against one of Malema’s.

      You statement is therefore false but you are free to hold whatever views you have of the publication.

      Kindest regards

      Pinky Khoabane

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