Celebrating The Life Of Princess Zindziswa

By Mkhulu Nsingiza CEO of the Zindzi Mandela Foundation

THE past weeks since the passing of our Princess Zindzi have been a struggle, not least finding words that encapsulate her legacy.  She is a Princess from the Madiba clan, born of Queen Nomzamo and King Rolihlahla Mandela. Her name means the rooted and established one. She was rooted in Maat/Justice. Her life bears witness to this –  it was dedicated to the fight against all forms of injustice in this unjust world we live in.

A warrior and nurturer by nature who embodied the spirit of Nebt Het – the principle in Kemet/Afrikan spirituality that nurtures and protects princes and princesses, Princess Zindzi was a mother and protector to many children beyond her own. Those who knew her know and have experienced this character of the Princess. She loved her children and family very much.

Her spirit was troubled by a system that keeps the Afrikan child in perpetual servitude, poverty and squalor as if they were destined for that life. She had a clear picture of the anomaly on the Afrikan continent and how to permanently deal with it.

She was a proponent of truth and justice; a foe to tyrants that allow chaos and injustice to reign supreme in the world as a means of perpetuating the generational curse of self-preservation. One of her enduring teachings was the importance of spiritual currency without which she said, led to the bankruptcy of the soul which ultimately manifests into people being indifferent to the suffering of others.

Princess Zindziswa knew that all Republics on the continent are a crime against Afrikans because they were formed by dispossessing Afrika of its wealth and balkanising Afrika’s land. In 1993 the UN echoed the same sentiment by declaring the Republic of South Africa as a crime against humanity. It was wrong for the leaders of the continent to choose this western influenced system of governance above the tried and tested form of governance, which is Afrikan Royalty.

This is the same structure that once united the continent under the Great Empire of Kemet, brought civilisation to the world and ruled the world with the knowledge they possessed. Afrika is the Mother continent and Afrikans are the first to be birthed by the creator principle, therefore, the first to be civilised.

This discovery unsettled the Princess as she was going through her journey of self discovery and actualisation. She could not understand why most Afrikans were ignorant of this fact and why there is a deliberate effort to hide this truth from Afrikans and the world.

She then formed the Zindzi Mandela Foundation as a means through which she could intervene and educate Afriakans about their glorious past; promote unity amongst Afrikans globally; promote the economic development of townships and rural communities and promote the establishment of the global black economy.

Her untimely transformation came at a time when she was promoting the Afrikan calendar as a practical way of achieving unity of Afrikans which we all long for. The calendar that is in use today on the continent is based on the Northern hemisphere yet we live in the Southern hemisphere.

Princess taught that time governs and controls everything and a proper alignment has to be sought at all times. Kneeling at the wrong time creates a false impression about the creator principle of being non-responsive. 

The Kemet/Afrikan Royal calendar that she and Queen Nomzamo and myself reintroduced is based on the Southern hemisphere guided by the equinoxes and solstices. It is aligned with the natural flow of energy of the continent and we must all commit to have it affirmed and used by all members of the African Union.

As the Zindzi Mandela Foundation we promise to uphold her legacy and the Afrikan calendar is one way of ensuring that Princess Zindziswa’s legacy lives on. 

Long live the Princess!!!

Aah Nokhaya!!

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