Cde Angie Motshekga Must Desist From Trying To Rule ANCWL From the Grave: ANCWL


Minister Angie Motshekga

The leadership of the African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) has received reports alleging that Cde Angie Motshekga is organising various events around the country under the banner of the ANCWL.

In order to maintain unity within the organisation, the democratically elected leadership of the ANCWL under President Cde Bathabile Dlamini will nip in the bud any signs of ill-discipline rearing it’s ugly head in the organisation. Cde Angie is an ordinary member of the ANCWL who is not serving in any leadership structure of the ANCWL. She is a Cabinet Minister responsible for Basic Education with no mandate from the ANCWL to organise any event around the country under the banner of the ANCWL.

Cde Angie must accept that a duly constituted conference of the ANCWL did not vote for her to continue in the leadership helm of the organisation. She must allow herself to be led and desist from trying to rule the ANCWL from the grave. Using the ANCWL banner for narrow selfish interest, will not guarantee her a national executive position in the on coming African National Conference (ANC) elective conference.

She is given space to lead Ministry of Education, the ANCWL calls Cde Angie to give space to the current ANCWL leadership to lead the organisation. She has the right to canvass for her preferred ANC Presidential candidate but organising events around the country under the banner of ANCWL whilst not leading in any ANCWL structure is high level of ill-discipline and a sign of not accepting to be led.

The ANCWL under Cde Bathabile Dlamini and the collective works tirelessly to build effective structures in unifying the organisation. We will not take it kindly if Cde Angie or any of ANCWL member or supporter undermines unity of the organisation. A united ANCWL is for the benefit of women of South Africa.

Issued by
Meokgo Matuba
ANCWL Secretary General

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  1. Not sure why call someone Judas for proclaiming their preference. As for using ANCWL’s name to campaign, it remains an allegation (which she denied) and the organisation can do well by proving otherwise.
    It is wrong for the ANCWL to assume that every woman will heed their call and support NDZ. They must respect the support for NDZ but they can’t be forced to follow suite. It will also be wrong for them to organise rallies in the name of the league and support a different candidate.
    I wonder if Mam Angie was deemed to be a soft target because Cde Lindiwe Sisulu is on her own campaign trail. Or is it due to the perception (I hold that) that she is canvassing for NDZ’s main competition: CR.
    The ANC is for all and every member in good standing should be allowed to have a view on organisational matters and if proven that she was canvassing on behalf of the ANC, she must not be terrorised for that. Surely the ANCWL is not expecting Mam Angie to seek permission from the organisation if invited to in her capacity to talk about women issues and even if she were to organise such rallies in her capacity, she should go ahead. It is wrong that create a view that women issues can only be well articulated and represented by a woman and those associated with your campaign. Both men and women can do so and do it very well.
    Prez Kgalema once indicated that Cde’s must learn and master the art of persuasion and engage one another at that level. If the ANCWL was not able to convince all women to rally behind NDZ, they must live with it and try other approaches and not gate-keeping.

  2. I still do not understand Minister Motshekga, the whole country blamed her for poor Education in South Africa, the whole country called for her sacking and the President did not succumb to the Chorus to get rid of her and now she has turned Judas.

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