The Campaign To De-ligitimise Winnie Mandela – Forcing Mandela to Choose Between President or His Wife

We Remember Winnie Mandela: 26 September 1936 - 2 April 2018

The machinations of an apartheid campaign that sought to deligitimise Winnie Mandela and other radical elements in the ANC, through a propaganda campaign that seems to not only have been undertaken by apartheid operatives only but some in the African National Congress itself.

Watch and weep…..How an organisation for which Winnie Mandela had committed so much, sacrificed so much, for which she was harassed and humiliated ditched her for a political negotiation which accommodated the middle of the ground ANC activists.


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  1. I said the following somewhere:

    I hope the whole sordid truth comes out soon…in a twisted way Zuma is the key!…he can stage a coup on the ANC to clean it up unless he continues with the absurd…I keep on saying…underestimate Zuma at your own peril!

  2. The Trc need to be revisited and inquest be open against those who conducted it and deceived the nation.

  3. It’s one thing to be vilified by the enemy, but hurtful if it’s done by people you were in the trenches with. Even worse when they brief the enemy to destroy you. As activists we knew Mama Winnie not Mandela nor many others who went to exile and lived like kings and for them to treat her the way they did just to silence her and thus silence the masses of our people who had concerns about a negotiated settlement is counter revolutionary. It’s interetsing that most of these leaders are now living large yet some never even worked for the wealth they are showing off. The best they did was to vilify those who were grounded in the masses of our people and sold them out to our enemies and white monopoly capital. Sadly with the current leadership of the ANC and Government these sellouts are returning in their numbers. The rhetoric about radical economic transformation will soon disappear into thin air. As for Bishop Tutu’s role in this campaign of destroying Mama Winnie, it’s not surprising that he stopped any reference to the gravy train when he was appointed the chairperson of the Truth Commision and started swimming the gravy himself.
    It’s a pity that the same cabal in the ANC intentionally destroyed other mass formations like COSATU, SANCO, SACP, ANCYL and the ANC itself. No one either than the same media which worked for the apartheid regime is providing oversight to our government.
    Perpetrators of violence against humans roam the streets in their wealthy exclusive estates with their sellouts yet our genuine leaders are persecuted.
    Black man and woman you are on your own as Steve Biko would say.

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