Call to action: make your submissions to oppose corporate seed Bills and save our seeds…


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A week ago we published an article on how the banking cartel controls the food we eat. The most striking feature in South Africa’s food production is the presence of three White males with significant stakes across the value chain and they are Johann Rupert (Remgro/FirstRand), Jannie Mouton(PSG) and Christo Wiese (Brait/Shoprite). http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/south-africas-banking-cartel-control-food/

On Saturday, we published a story of how Tanzania is changing its laws to suit Western Agribusiness by criminalising the informal practice of sharing and sale of seeds among neighbours and relatives. If you buy seeds from Syngenta or Monsanto under the new legislation, they will retain the intellectual property rights. If you save seeds from your first harvest, you can use them only on your own piece of land for non-commercial purposes. You’re not allowed to share them with your neighbors or with your sister-in-law in a different village, and you cannot sell them for sure. But that’s the entire foundation of the seed system in Africa. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/tanzanian-farmers-facing-heavy-prison-sentences-continue-traditional-seed-exchange/

South Africa could go the Tanzania Route, take action and make your voice heard

The Plant Breeders’ Rights and Plant Improvement Bills restrict the saving, trading, exchanging, and sale of seed. This can have massive ramifications on seed and food sovereignty, agricultural biodiversity, access to diverse seed, and increasing the disparities and inequalities in South African agriculture, food and nutrition.

We urgently need to protect and preserve our food and seed sovereignty. It is in our best interests that we make our voices heard and retain what really is ours, which is the right to our food, the quality and control of our seed.

We have produced this email template to create the opportunity for you to express yourself directly to the relevant authorities. The submission template will appear in an email addressed to the relevant officials in your province. Feel free to change the template to express your own views and add your own comments before sending. Your submission will have a much stronger political effect if you add your own comments.

This is an opportunity to stand for what you believe in!

To support the call by African Centre for Biodiversity please: go to https://acbio.org.za/call-to-action-make-your-submissions-to-oppose-corporate-seed-bills-and-save-our-seeds/



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