#BUY-BLACK #Build-Black #Bank-Black & Be-Black-Owned

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The makers of this gin are a black couple based in Capetown

We have to convert our struggle for political power into one of economic freedom and empowerment. There’s nothing more to say about the economic power in this country. Over 90% of South Africa’s economy lies in the hands of less than 10% of the population and yet those who prop-up these economic powerhouses remain on the fringes of economic activity  in the country. It is the expenditure by the majority – and it is the Blacks – which runs into billions that is spent on white-owned businesses.

We therefore need to divert this money to 100% Black-owned businesses which will in turn return the money into Black communities and ensure that that money circulates among Black people for economic development and justice.

It is for this reason that UnCensored will from now on be showcasing services and products by Black-owned companies.

Together with our campaign to boycott racist organisations, the BuyBlack campaign will help direct consumers to products and businesses which are otherwise not known.

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  1. Brilliant Idea,Black Conscience philosophy at its highest order. Can this idea also overlaps to dumping DSTV and coming up with an alternative to it please.

    1. Hi Edmund

      When I thought about this idea, I thought it would be an easy process. It isn’t actually. But it requires all of us to think hard on implementation. The idea is for it to run concurrently with the Boycott campaign and it would then offer the alternatives.

      As for DSTV, it is a practical example of the dangers of monopoly which when we write about, people think we are conspiracy theorists.

      So think and give ideas.



  2. Beautiful start. I am not consuming alcohol but will be looking out for other products to support this initiative.

    1. I will be coming to all of you to volunteer your time, money and resources to make this project work. So when I do that remember “it’s left to us” Wends.

    1. Thanks Kobedi but speaking about it is the easy part. My little interaction on Twitter showed me that showcasing the products and services is just not enough. And so my brain started thinking of a bigger project. It will need all of us and when I ask for help, please come through.

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