We bring you Katie and Kyle Findlay – the Rupert experts behind Superlinear

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When he isn’t running with headers that scream “President Jacob Zuma losing support amongst metro urban black population”, Kantar TNS’ Kyle Findlay is fondling tweets to massage them into a message that seeks to detract attention from white monopoly capital’s role in state capture.

Kyle lists himself as Head of Data Science and Knowledge Creation at the TNS Global Brand Equity Centre (GBEC) in Cape Town. He has emerged as the Pepe of white monopoly capital in the discourse around state capture. For those who do not know Pepe, he is a notorious Real Madrid defender who is not afraid to play dirty just to stop opponents from scoring against his team. He infamously got a 10-match ban after a violent attack on a Getafe player during a La Liga match.

Now Kyle Findlay appears to be abusing the field of data science and Kantar TNS’s resources to trumpet the politics of anti-black progress. Kantar TNS found 2000 people in the metro urban black population that appear to not support president Jacob Zuma as president. There is absolutely no need to cast any doubt on the concept of sampling. One needn’t even try to make Kyle’s efforts any meaningless than they already are. But if you walked around the financial district in Sandton you could easily find 2000 blacks that would deliver on Kyle’s poll’s revelations on president Zuma losing support among blacks in the urban metros. I’m not persuaded to accept such an exercise as data science.

So let’s move onto the second part of Kyle’s role at Kantar TNS, which is knowledge creation. To put this into context, in academia, knowledge creation starts happening at PhD level. Before you get to this level, you have to pass through a Master’s programme that requires you to properly research a subject. It is common cause that the former public protector Thuli Madonsela would fail miserably at this level. Use of Wikipedia as a source of research material is an abomination. This is a very important lapse in a key chapter 9 institution. Poorly researched pieces of work finding approval from the chattering classes just because they implicate those who are putting up a fight for transformation!

By the way, If you open this link while in the vicinity of Saxonwold, cellphone records will observe that you may or may not have been to the Saxonwold shebeen. That is the level of mediocrity that pathetic research leads to.

Kyle has found a way of pushing pseudo data science and “knowledge” creation through a website called www.superlinear.co.za. The website is registered by Kyle himself and lists katie@edgedigital.co.za as a contact. It is not clear what the relationship between Kyle and Katie is, but not only do they share a surname, they are both in the same industry.

Katie has had Devil’s Peak in Cape Town as her residential address. What’s in a name? Katie Findlay also doubles as a chef. That might explain where Kyle learned the ability to cook up propaganda against alternative media that is now making a mockery of the anti-black mainstream media in South Africa. She has worked for same causes as Stellenbosch university alumnus Brett Lowe through www.go4word.co.za who recently served as e-marketing manager at Christo Wiese’s Shoprite. Lowe has since joined Capitec. The reader is welcome to join the dots.

It doesn’t surprise that she’s linked to research whose aim is to dismiss the existence of white monopoly capital in the South African economy. Her company, Edge Digital boasts the likes of Indigo Trust as a client. The trust is unsurprisingly anti-government in its posture. George Soros is a donor through OSI. They also have the Vodacom Foundation. The hashtag #WhoOwnsWhatWednesdays would provide insights on how Johan Rupert helped start this telecoms giant. Indigo Trust also funds Daily Maverick, another anti-government media outlet.

Lastly, any data scientist or knowledge creationist worth their salt would do well to get the science attached to their own data in order. As it is, www.superlinear.co.za shares a physical address with a company called Pecusure Consulting. A simple google search would reveal stories from a number of people complaining that 1000’s of people have been scammed by this company. You run a website that masquerades as a creator of knowledge while you share an address with other websites accused of fraud? Evidently, Kyle is incapable of doing adequate research of his or Katie’s website, unless of course he happens to be the fraud that’s reportedly scamming people online.

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  1. I find it difficult putting my arguements across in this platform (UnCensored), perhaps the well-researched, thought-provoking, objective, and constructive arguments explains this. I admire the persons of Sis’ Pinky Khoabane, The Maytrix, etc. I have never ever came across a news outlet as this which is so matured & professional here in South Africa!!! In the past I used to surf the mainstream-white-owned-news outlets, I won’t lament the fact that I was kicked out & banned from those news outlets, instead I am happy today that my mind have been detoxing itself naturally by staying away from those venomous lies-peddlers. Let alone that it’s journalists are information-bankrupt, they lack maturity, objectiveness, and ethics. In those mainstream news oulets you come across vulgar, toxic world view, hatred, racism towards Blacks, & immatured comments, this being done by commenters under the watch of network administrators without any consequences.

    Thanks God, at last we have a forum full of life and brain-expanding writings.

    Keep it up guys, do not ever give!!!

  2. PK;

    Is it not so, that so-called ‘white capital’ CAPTURED the State ‘ages and ages ago’ ? With ‘people’ such as Mr. Rupert, and other ‘friends’ as ‘king-pins’ in the CAPTURE. Right.

    Is it not so, that the Gupta’s posed a Serious Threat to EXPOSE so-called ‘white capital’ when they (the Gupta’s) were able to secure an order from ESKOM for the supply of coal which ‘showed up’ a ‘white capital’ Cartel that had Monopolized the supply of coal to ESKOM at about 4 times the price that the Gupta’s could supply ?

    The Fact is that CROOKS CHEATS and THIEVES from ESKOM and/or from the Gupta’s, and from the ANC ‘got in on the act’, for their own benefit, seems to have ‘clouded’ the matter of focusing on ‘State Capture’.

    Am I right PK ? Do I understand the True position ?

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    1. Dear UnCensored Family

      We have a new and very wise member.

      I love your inputs Michael.



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