IN BRIEF: SAA to Appear before SCOPA Tomorrow


The Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) Themba Godi has confirmed that SAA will appear before them tomorrow.

We’ve been unrelenting in calling for SAA to account for the runaway rot at the national carrier. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/honourable-comrade-godi-responds-plea-invite-saa-scopa/

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“If parly program doesn’t change we calling National Treasury nxt week. By the way SAA is coming this Wednesday”

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“there are those who stupidly want to make them mutually exclude: transformation and accountability. We need both”


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    1. Yes that Pravin is the mastermind protector of the rot at SAA. That’s the person that should be arrested with immediate effect, he cost this country a huge loss & made sure that it will become unrecoverably hiding these reports. The expose comes a little too late.

  1. What I was searching for in the mainstream media and did not find was an on-Camera Admission by Acting SAA that he broke the Law.

    Having been asked a number of times if he agrees that he did not comply with the PFMA he admitted without sidestepping the question that he broke the Law.

    Now if the shoe was on the other side, if it was Dudu Miyeni’s admission, it would have ran as Front Cover page of major Newspapers as well as Top stories of afternoon talk shows.

  2. Interesting appearance indeed!

    Some shocking facts came out:

    #Out of a fleet of 60 airbuses SAA only owns 9.

    # The cost per year to lease the 51 is R3,5 billion.

    # Maintanace cost on these leased airbuses is paid by SAA.

    # Lease agreement on these is: at the end of lease the bus must be in the same condition as was given. Which means renewed to its original glory.

    I have never heard of such in my life, who in their right mind would agree to such a rip off.

    Why can’t we buy our own airbuses?

    There is no SAA as far as am concerned, what we have is a foreign aviation company operating under SAA name, and we further pay for their operation cost

  3. Wonder if they will grill the SAA exec the same as Eskom and the former SABC board,,can’t wait

  4. Lets hope it doesn’t become a window dressing exercise.

    We want deeper probing questions and a clear program of action from the hearing.

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