BRIEF COMMENT: “Even as DA Leader, Maimane was Still Treated as Garden Boy”

By Tom Boston

AN avid reader of this platform, Tom Boston, responded to our piece, Maimane’s Political Immaturity Brought About his Departure


MMUSI Maimane’s downfall was not entirely due to naivety. He is nearly 40 years and has been a willing participant in the White Project of perpetual control. His fate was typical of all cadets of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Maimane, just like New Dawn and Prepaid President Ramaphosa, was identified and groomed for role he ended playing in DA. Except he started reading off the script. Remember Maimane’s marriage to a white woman was not an accident as it was part of the Project. Having a white wife and half caste children epitomizes non racialism which DA supposedly stands for. Maimane became the POSTER BOY of DA.  Maimane has been a conflicted soul, tormented by his race and history. His experiences within DA brought home to him that he is after all a black man. Even as DA leader he was still treated as garden boy. And the moment he started speaking about inequality and poverty and that race matters in the South Africa’s body politics, he must let go. Maimane has served his usefulness to the White Project. Biko was correct: BLACK MAN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

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