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Brian Molefe resigns following “incomplete State of Capture” Report



Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe, yesterday announced he would be leaving the power utility following the hastily compiled and “incomplete” report titled “State of Capture” by the former public protector Thuli Madonsela.

In his statement, Molefe reminds us that Madonsela’s report made no findings and instead made what she termed as “observations based, (the report acknowledged), on an investigation not completed”.

Madonsela’s recommendations include the establishment of a commission of enquiry at a later date.

Madonsela had to release the findings of a report she couldnt complete and the question of why has now been answered. She has now been employed by Stellenbosch University where the man who heads South Africa’s real state capture, Johann Rupert, presides.

Unlike other heads of state departments, who leave the work they cant complete to their successors, Madonsela just couldnt. What was important was for her to release these “observations” which some, including Molefe describe as “inaccurate, based on part-facts or simply unfounded”?

Six years after investigating CIEX report in which her now boss is implicated, Madonsela failed to conclude this report 

It’s not as if Madonsela couldn’t leave the State Capture case to her successor; there are as many as 4000 cases which she couldnt conclude including the CIEX report where her now employer Rupert, is being implicated in the theft of R26bn stolen ahead of the ANC take-over of power. We’ve written extensively about this matter and will continue to publish more information about this case.

Let’s just go back to how the narrative of Gupta State Capture started – Conflict of interest between the funder and accuser! 

Rumours that the Gupta family offered Deputy Minister Mcebisi Jonas the post of finance minister were started by the Sunday Times. After a week of hide-and-seek, Jonas released a statement on a Treasury letterhead no less, to corroborate the Sunday Times article. It is important to note that this matter was NOT a Treasury matter but a personal matter and yet he abused his power to have the matter handled by Treasury as a department.

Jonas has never been asked to prove his allegations. Not even to the former public protector in his statement on the State Capture report. On the contrary, his phone records, which the former public protector uses extensively to place the accused, including Molefe, don’t place him in the same Saxonwold. There are also discrepancies between the phone records of Duduzane Zuma and Fana Hlongwane who supposedly took Jonas to the airport while still in Saxonwold all at the same time. These details will be clarified by the commission which has been recommended by Madonsela where everyone’s information will be subjected to cross examination.

Once the narrative gained traction, the DA and two others lodged a complaint about the Gupta influence with the public protector. Madonsela pleaded poverty stating the office didnt have the resources to investigate the matter. Treasury, in an unprecedented move, released R1.5m to fund the investigation.

This is a clear conflict of interest between the funder and the accuser. It is also an abuse of power. The taxpayer was used to fund Jonas’s accusations.

Argument that Gupta influence is important hence the rush

The allegations against the Guptas are grave and required an investigation. This investigation should have been thorough and broader to include all those involved in the influence of the state for personal interest. Most if not all businesses in this country would have to go under scrutiny. That is what businesses do. Rupert has done this effectively by influencing the state capture report and the CIEX in which he is implicated. He has done this over the years by offering then Director General in Treasury, Maria Ramos, seats on his companies some of them implicated in the CIEX report. They include Sanlam, Rembrandt (now Remgro) and ABSA.

Ramos, married to former finance minister, Trevor Manuel, who was her boss and boyfriend while at Treasury, heads ABSA Bank. Such is the extent of Rupert’s influence on the CIEX investigation that  calls by Manuel for the return of the money have since died.

Madonsela, who is now going to work with him, has failed to release the findings in which he is implicated – six years later. We’ve shown here on UnCensored how she changed a complaint by Advocate Paul Hoffman to investigate the conduct of former presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki and recoverability of the R3.2bn stolen by ABSA to simply the conduct of the former presidents. Why? The answer is becoming clearer. ABSA shareholders, Sanlam and Ruperts, are implicated in this theft. We are emphatic in the usage of the word stolen and theft and will not call it an allegation. CIEX, Heath Commission and Dennis Davies Report all found the South African Reserve Bank’s lifeboat to ABSA illegal and unlawful.






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  1. Sir Brian Molefe is being punished mainly for his ability to curb the “white-engineered” load shedding. Also he was caught in a crossfire of barbaric war waged by imperialist against the BRICS. He will stay my/our hero for the good job done at ESKOM. Long live Brian Molefe long live!!!

  2. What is most tragic about this is the fact that our country has lost, in Brian Molefe , arguably the sharpest mind ever to lead a state-owned company all because of a malicious campaign which was aided and abetted by the then head of a Chapter 9 institution . I repeat once again , history has got a very cruel way of exposing the truth . When the history books of South Africa are re-written , future generations will be told of how people like Thuli Madonsela , Mcebisi Jonas and others undermined our democratic institutions and processes under the guise of defending the constitution and the country’s resources while in fact pursuing the economic and political interests of monopoly capital . The truth will come out how those who profess to uphold our new democratic dispensation , including our Bill of Rights subjected one Indian family to an endless campaign of lies and hatred which was fuelled by racism and hatred .This political and spiritual heirs of Malan , Verwoed , Vorster , Botha , Gqozo , Matanzima , Ntswanisi et al will be exposed .

  3. Your article has given me food for thought,something I would definitely not been exposed to in the regular media which I consume,it’s made me questioned established truths and not believe the narrative,but to seek the truth in all this mess. Well done,keep informing us.

  4. The state capture commission should investigate the following?

    1. Who nominated the then Ms Madonsela for the position of the public protector? Seeing that phone records are the latest investgative instrument, would Advocate Madonsela’s phone records and visitors book at the Presidential residence place her as a regular visitor before and shortly after her appointment as a public protector?

    2. Will phone records confirm Ms Zille and some senior DA leaders as visitors to the Gupta home on more than one occasion? Who invited Guptas, including their mother to the opening of the City Council meetings and/or Western Cape legislature? The answer to these and similar questions might tell us more than what we got from the not so insignificant resources allocated to the PP office and the additional R1.5m gave us.

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