ANC Re-elect Jacob Zuma As Leader

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip received a letter from members of the ANC Study Group on Public Service and Administration (PSA) stating that they have decided to suspend all study group and portfolio committee meetings until their grievance in relation to the committee chairperson, ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza, who they believe has bridged ANC discipline, has been addressed. This letter has since been leaked to various media houses.

The ANC Chief Whip has responded to the study group stating that study groups do not have the authority to suspend any work they are deployed to do as ANC deployees in parliament. This is inclusive of programmes of the study group and portfolio committee meetings. The suspension of any of these meetings and/or failure to attend meetings individually and collectively constitutes ill-discipline action on their part.

The ANC Chief Whip made it very clear that all ANC members were expected to attend today’s portfolio committee meeting on Public Service and Administration. Therefore the decision to boycott today’s portfolio committee meeting by some members amount to gross ill-discipline.

Whatever their grievance, real or imagined in relation to the chairperson of the committee is a matter to be dealt with by the organisation which has deployed all of us. The matter of Dr Makhosi Khoza is being dealt with at an organisational level through the constitutional processes of the organisation. We therefore condemn today’s behaviour with utmost contempt.

We caution all ANC study groups and ANC members of parliament not to engage on matters they have no authority over. All matters that relate to last week’s vote of no confidence are being dealt with by the national leadership of the ANC.

Only the ANC through its constitutional structures can remove an ANC deployee from any deployed position. No study group or any deployee of the ANC can remove another deployee from a position of Whip, Chairperson or Member of Parliament.

Those comrades who boycotted today’s meeting after clear instructions from the Chief Whip will be referred to the ANC Caucus Disciplinary Committee.

Issued by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip

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  1. What’s important to note is that Makhosi Khoza represents the Anc in this committee, how then can she continue to represent the Party she is in disagreement with in this Committee?

    Is she there on the agenda to further cause damage to the party?

    I think this is the concern of the other members boycotting.

  2. I totally support the boycott by these members.

    Comrade Mthembu is biased in calling for discipline on these members, while he failed to call Khoza for same on her open utterances on how she voted and inciting other MPs to follow her examples, which brings the party into disrepute and creating further divisions in the ANC.

  3. Vote with the opposition and chair a parliament committee as a deployee of the ANC…AMAZING…Mthembu is one of those who voted with the opposition his utterances after the vote that no action will be taken against the rebels was telling…now he has a nerve to talk about ill discipline..many people support the move by these comrades,,rebels must be isolated…

  4. It cannot be business as usual and Jackson Mthembu cannot expect the true revolutionaries to be managed and directed by a traitor, unless he is also one of those that voted according to their consciences. Him as the leader of the caucus is supposed to have reacted speedily by replacing this Askari in order to avoid the Parliament business being stalled. I support these comrades fully.

  5. The biggest question is what mandate will the Chairperson be representing while chairing the Committee, her conscience or the ANC?

    I support the Boycott. One never knows whether it’s going to be turned into another platform of Government bashing disguised as a hearing or a fair hearing.

  6. Dear Jackson

    On the 8th August 2017, there was a clear Instruction given to all ANC MP’s to vote against the motion of no confidence against Pres. Zuma.
    My Question is have you also reported those MP’s that defied the ANC’s caucus instructions to vote against the motion?
    Have you also reported the MP’s to the ANC Caucus Disciplinary Committee?

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