Boycott Adam Catzavelos’s Businesses & Show Him The Might Of Consumer Power

By Pinky Khoabane

UNTIL yesterday the name Adam Catzavelos meant nothing to South Africans until a video taken while on holiday surfaced on social media. In it he expresses his joy at having “no Kaffir in sight….it’s like heaven”.

We don’t need to get into the psyche and do the usual analysis of people behind this blatant racism – which we know happens often around braais and dinner tables. As I’ve said often, be racist in your own spaces, I couldnt care less but the audaciousness to record it and post it on social media is what irks me. Hence, those who feel emboldened to publicly display their racism must be dealt with.

Thanks to Black Twitter investigators, we now know Catzavelos’s contact numbers, his wife’s, his businesses and his address.

I’m not advocating for violence but let decent human beings, black and white, boycott this man’s businesses, and all those associated with it.

Blacks have the power to teach people like Catzavelos a lesson.

The family has issued a statement distancing itself from his utterances on the video. Frankly it means nothing.

Here are his businesses:

  • St Georges Fine Foods
  • The Smoke House and Grill Fourways
  • BBQ King Distribution
  • The Smoke House and Grill

Catzavelos wanted us to know we are kaffirs who he despises – let’s show him the might of our consumer power and give him a better reason to despise us.

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