BLF Files Crimen Injuria Charges Against Racist Agrizzi

BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST (BLF) has filed crimen injuria charges against Angelo Agrizzi for his racist rants in which he calls his former colleagues kaffirs on numerous occasions. Agrizzi can be heard in a recording made in August last year at his home, calling Papa Leshabane and Joe Gumede kaffirs several times. The two Bosasa executives filed crimen injuria charges against Agrizzi shortly after the recording was made public.

Here’s the full recording of the racist rant and claims by Agrizzi on how he can use his “alliances” with journalists to “clean up” the negative publicity about Bosasa over allegations of runaway corruption.

The recording was played and put to Agrizzi during his testimony before the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture (Zondo Commission). Agrizzi’s evidence to the commission related to the allegedly corrupt relationships between Bosasa and certain influential people including journalists and politicians. Among the journalists he named, Agrizzi mentioned publisher and writer of UnCensored Pinky Khoabane. Khoabane has denied ever being paid by Bosasa for writing and publishing the recording of Agrizzi’s racist rant and his association with some journalists. She has since written to the State Capture Commission complaining about the commission’s breach of her rights to a fair hearing and at the time of writing the letter, requested to cross-examine Agrizzi and that the recording be put in front of him while on the stand.

“Angelo Agrizzi had testified that journalists were paid by Bosasa. The evidence leader did not ask him to name these journalists but he then mentioned them four days later and he mentions my name. This is defamatory, untrue and very damaging to my reputation especially since it is not true and Angelo Agrizzi knows it is not true. My view is that his mentioning of my name is revenge for me publishing the audio tape wherein he uses racist language including the k word against his former African colleagues and his relationship with certain journalists”.

BLF argued that by using the said racist language Agrizzi had impaired the dignity of all blacks including Gumede and Leshabane.


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