Do Blacks Really Need to Include Whites in Finding Solutions To Socio-Economic Problems Affecting Them?


Media portrays poverty as Black

Bongani Ngcobo responds to Kobedi’s article on the need for Blacks to include Whites in their campaigns if they are to be successful.

The article to which he responds, “We Need Whites & A United Front To Fight Poverty, Inequality, Unemployment & Other Socio-Economic Ills” is here http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/need-whites-united-front-fight-poverty-inequality-unemployment-socio-economic-ills/

I do agree that there seem to be an agenda to divide and conquer, to hate on the basis that somebody looks different from you. And here Im talking about promoting division among people based on  class, sex, tribe ,origin and colour. If you run through the major newspapers daily, its not hard to see that trend.

The Author asserts that the #FeesMustFall was a success and then attributes the success to white inclusion. He then suggests that future success lies in inclusion of white people in campaigns.

It would be helpful to show (preferably through numbers) whether there is a cause-and-effect that leads to the conclusion that the inclusion of whites leads to success.

The author also needs to clarify if his view is that whenever we have societal challenges we must always try not to associate them with colour so as to reduce the probability of failure.

It’s not clear in my mind having read the article, the context within which the article is framed. What specific cases led to this article? It would perhaps have been helpful to give some background so that we as readers could understand the premise of the problem.

What exactly is the author saying? Is he suggesting that about 90% of the population needs to accommodate or include about 10% of mostly privileged whites to solve their rural or township problems? Is he saying that describing our lived experiences in terms of the most affected – black in this case – is the reason we find ourselves as victims of apartheid’s institutionalised policy of racism?

And the last line of the article; “we need the support of many white people, especially those who are poor as well as those who have escaped our poverty, to tackle the issues of this country. Our real enemies fear unity.” Why would the inclusion of “many whites or poor whites” increase success?Whos is the assumed enemy?

The reality is that Black people are the most affected by poverty and thus our media portrays poverty as black. Kobedi’s view that raising the race flag can hinder success to finding solutions suggests that we perhaps ought to start with the media and implore them to stop their portrayal of socio-economic issues such as poverty along racial lines so we can speedily find solutions.

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  1. Apology accepted my Leader. I get the sense that you are a young cadre who is maturing with every contribution you make. For as long as we see young cadres like yourself taking it upon themselves to make a meaningful contribution to our political discourse, then we can have confidence in your generation to move our revolution forward. Amandla! Matla!

  2. I am not sure as to why Cde Kobedi is directing his attack at me. I directed my attack, for which I will not apologise, at Mabelle who made racist statements against blacks. By any standard anyone who stoops to such a low level of thinking is sub-human. He is depraved. That is why in countries like Germany denial of the history of the holocaust is a crime punishable by imprisonement. Unfortunately this is not the case in our country. I repeat again, Mabelle you represent what is most backward in the political discourse of our country.
    Only a few weeks back you referred to Nigerians as the “devil”. For your own sake, I hope that you will not stoop lower than you already have.

    1. My Leader my humble apologies. I completely misread your response. I completely overstepped the line.

  3. I only picked up Mabelle’s comment today. You are racist, ignorant if not outright stupid. If you really are black , then you must be one of the few who wish that they were born white. I will refrain from further comment as I do not want to stoop to your very low level of intellectual capacity.

    1. Dear Kobedi, unless your other name is Mabele, Comrade Greg’s response was exclusively to him and no one else. I wouldn’t want to tell you what to do but I would implore you to withdraw your remarks.



  4. Bongani I r Really love this interactions because they allow us to reason amongst ourselves especially in a society that do not afford us that chance.

    But I implore you to take time to read my article again.

    There’s nowhere were I said the success of the #feesmustfall was attributed to “INCLUSION OF WHITE PEOPLE”

    I said the movement appealed to many people including those who were not affected because the language was not Black or White.

    I also said I do not say we need white people because they are somehow superior in Economics.

    Again I have to invoke the mind Of Oliver Tambo when he said “…learn from your enemy…”

    Kindly visit Oliver Tambos quotations and you will see that the bulk of the Rhetoric we employ do not resonate with his ideals.

    I do not want to sound like those who want to use Tambo to perpetuate the Status qou.

    As much as you do my comrade, I hate the current status with a passion.

    In closing, we as Blacks need to be VERY CAREFUL.

    Otherwise we may end up having a color political talk that do not achieve anything on the ground.

    Do you agree that you can get BLACK MONOPOLY CAPITAL and the results on the ground will still be the same?

    You will still have massive poverty and unemployment and the only thing you would have achieved would be REPLACING WHITE FACES AT THE TOP WITH BLACK FACES.

    The fall of the Soviet Union ushered with it instant Russian Oligaths who arose from the sale of state assets.

    The majority of Russians remained poor while the Oligarchs thrived.

    These were people of the same race and cultural backgrounds.

    How did that happen?

    I’m saying, the politics of color will not bring us anything.

    I mean even Afrikaaners never supported Eugene Tereblanch.

  5. Hmmmm, let me answer for myself because I see a lot of distortions of my article.

    I never said we need to include whites. Whites do not need any including. They are South Africans. They face the same kind of issues.

    If you have not met poor whites please lets arrange a trip to Brakpan or a trip to Denville in Pretoria.

    This is not about white poverty or Black poverty. It’s about Poverty.

    So if the argument is that whites are NOT YET POOR you need to know that their fight will be TO AVOID BEING POOR.

    So both Blacks and whites have an interest in Poverty Alleviation.

    Now Comrade Ngcobo, this is the origin of my article:

    Oliver Tambo ” We do not fight against people but AGAINST A SYSTEM”

    When did our fight start to be about people?

    When our fight is against a system it wins the support of people.

    The struggle against Apartheid was not against people but against A SYSTEM.

    That is why both Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo envisioned a South Africa FOR ALL AND NOT A SOUTH AFRICA FOR BLACKS.

    We need to condemn anything that has a look of promoting Black Superiority with the same energy we inject in condemning White Supremacy.

  6. Generally, human beings have a problem of inequality. It even manifest itself within tribes. The richer are always the better of society, and they make sure it remains such.
    For the poor lot, they need to work to get out of the rut, and the work doesn’t have to be decent. I was once told by one of my ex-bosses that I will never make it if I’m prepared to stay honest. The rich are never honest, so if the whites are the richer lot, how can you expect them to be honest in the distribution of wealth. Never, especially to a black person.
    I went to Rhodes, and when I arrived there, I thought there is no racial discrimination, and I’m telling you, I got out with a degree in racial studies there. From picking just a soccer team for a residence, to blacks being dander-heads, like I was proved to be.
    All I can say, in this world we need each other, because for some reason we were put together. But, i would clearly warn about whites sharing their ill-gotten wealth.

    1. Lungile we not even suggesting that they share their ill-gotten wealth.

      All that we saying, is they are currently sitting with all the wealth, we need them to invest it in the economy to create jobs, thus curving the biggest challenge in this country “Unemployment

      1. Not bad at all Lungile!

        “Rhodes degree in racial studies”

        Normally students from both Rhodes & Stellenbosch come out with PhD in that field.

    2. Which of our Black Billionaires and Millionaires behave differently from their white counterparts?

      Hence I reiterate, we are fighting a system.

      It doesn’t matter whether that system is driven by Blacks or whites, it will still produce 6same set of results.

  7. I tend not to concur with both Mr Koorbanally as well as Mabelle about us needing whites to fight on our behalf in respect of the question posed by the author. We must really stop thinking we are not smart enough to do it ourselfs. If we can think we can do it then we most probably can. Stupid to wait for some lighter hue person.

    1. Yes Jannie, if my response meant that we need whites to fight for us, then am loosing it!

      We definately don’t need them to fight for us & neither will they do it even in our wildest dreams.

    2. Jannie the problem is I do not recall a time when the ANC defined a South Africa without whites.

      Secondly when you aspire for a South Africa FOR ALL, you are automatically insinuating South Africans of all races SOLVING TOGETHER THE PROBLEMS OF SOUTH AFRICA.

      At no point can the other claim to have the monopoly to include the other.

      As I mentioned poverty is not a Black problem, it’s a universal problem needing universal support.

    3. Again nobody mentioned anyone “fighting for us”.

      There’s no fighting for us. There’s fighting together like the Students did.

      Apologies if I was misunderstood.

  8. yes , we need all South Africans, Blacks fail forever, Africa is flop, Blacks never work as a team in their existence, who is on top listen to none nor respect the rule of laws.

    1. I know Im wasting my time but it would be useful to give us statistics of your claims or examples. You’ve shown yourself every time for the inability to substantiate your claims. In future, please reduce the noise and make more substantiated claims so to empower the African lot.

  9. In the context of current status quo in terms of resources/wealth.

    Kobedi is correct to assert that we need whites to Fight Poverty, Inequality, Unemployment & Other Socioeconomic Ills

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