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Adriaan Basson's Threat To Have Us Remove Article About Him

By Pinky Khoabane

A10_Adriaan alliance Download this clip to hear Angelo Agrizzi speak of his relationship with Adriaan Basson of News24.

On October 19 1977, about a month after Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko was murdered in detention, minister of justice Jimmy Kruger arrested editors and banned The World, Weekend World and the church publication Pro Veritate.

He also banned 19 Black Consciousness organisations: the Black People’s Convention, the South African Students’ Organisation (which Biko founded), the South African Students’ Movement, the National Association of Youth Organisations and its affiliates, the Black Community Programmes, the Medupe Writers’ Association, the Zimele Trust Fund, the Black Women’s Federation, the Union of Black Journalists and the Association for the Educational and Cultural Advancement of the African People of South Africa.

In this week alone, we’ve heard how media is manipulated http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/osullivans-threat-economic-warfare-or-fight-for-justice/. 

Basson in one email which I didnt bother to respond to says I’m being manipulated by the Black directors in Bosasa (how racist is this?) while he’s investigating corruption in the company. I actually have no problem with Basson doing this, corrupt people must be exposed and the law must take its cause. My issue is that there are former white employees in Bosasa who are so brazenly racist to call their former colleagues kaffirs, and who want to throw them out of the organisation using their media contacts and opposition parties, but more importantly organise a hostile take-over. Frankly whites cannot think they will use Blacks to gain millions of rands in government tenders and toss them out when they feel like it using their media and opposition political leaders, when it suits them.

The recordings in three occasions name Basson as media people who can assist with cleaning what Agrizzi had already started – leaking stories to predominantly News24.

In SA’s world where evidence doesnt have to exist, he doesnt have to prove my being manipulated but of course, he would like us to believe he isnt manipulated by Agrizzi and the Democratic Alliance whose Glynnis Breytenbach has visited Agrizzi.

Agrizzi says his home is not for entertaining journalists and politicians but videos and claims he made prove otherwise.

Yesterday I received a letter from lawyers of News24 Editor Adriaan Basson giving me 48 hours within which to remove the article I wrote about a recording by racist Angelo Agrizzi that, among others, the former visited Agrizzi’s home in the company of his children.

We all watch the space.

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