BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Decolonisation of Afrikan History

eBukhosini Solutions is working in collaboration with various community partners to present seminars on Decolonisation of Afrikan History.

A total of 6 seminars will be hosted with the aim of inspiring young and old to learn more about our continent.

The emphasis on “decolonization” is a response to the aftermath of Fees Must Fall / Rhodes Must Fall and other protest movements which have called for transformation in education.

The seminars will give a practical demonstration of what and how Afrikan history can be presented in a way that people – especially our youth – can relate to it.

Confirmed dates:

13 February in Kagiso: “Introduction to Afrikan History” Host: Making Us Youth Organization

18 February in Thokoza: “Introduction to Afrikan History” Host: Thokoza Library, Funda Smart, The Voice and Rata Botho Foundation

19 February in Soweto: “The Rise and Fall of Afrika” Host: Nkomo Legacy 23 February in Vaal: “Introduction to Afrikan History” Host: Clique Concepts

25 February in Rustenburg (North West Province): “Developing an IKS Curriculum for Youth” Host: Ikitse IKS

26 February in Orange Farm: “The Rise and Fall of Afrika” Host: Bantu Quest Development Service

See event details here: https://web.facebook.com/events/407410856271328 For more information  contact Pitsi Ragophala on 074 690 4012 / info@ebukhosinisolutions.co.za

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  1. Very commendable, however I would like to see the above seminars spread across our beautiful land, please we need these “Afrikan schools/universities”, simply because we cannot rely entirely on our conventional education system of our country as it is contaminated with Glenn Agliotti’s, Johann Rupert’s, Helen Zille’s, Gerrie Nel (the guy who have introduced a new term for “prosecute”, that is “AfriForum’e”), F W de Klerk’s, Radovan Krejčíř, and all other criminals I omitted to mention because of space…

    Only we can conquer this mind control projects (Eurocentric Universities), by solidarity, unity, and comradeship. All guerillas will join hands together and say: “#WhiteMonopolyCapitalShallFall” rather than “#WhiteMonopolyCapitalMustFall”

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