Black Empowerment Foundation’s reaction to ConCourt Ruling


The Black Empowerment Foundation (BEF) notes the judgment of the Constitutional Court that has been handed down today. We will study the judgment in detail but in summary will accept the judgment although our immediate reaction is that of disappointment in that the judgment is yet another step backwards in our democracy and taking away the power from the people. A more detailed reaction will follow once we have carefully studied the judgment and will show areas where we believe that the CC in its narration and background of the judgment has indirectly exerted pressure on the Speaker in terms of how she ought to rule although having technically left the latitude to make the decision to the Speaker.

The BEF believes that the ANC should call the Speaker in and instruct her to make a decision with her conscience that, “she cannot with a clear conscience make a decision that will defy the will of the people based on the results of the general election in 2014. She believes if there are ANC MPs who wish to vote in favour of the motion of no confidence in the President against the explicit party instruction, they ought to have the courage to openly declare this to the people. There is precedence of MPs who have openly voted against motions in Parliament.” It is our belief as the BEF that the opposition parties ought to be fighting to call for an early election or a referendum from the people of South Africa whether the President should step down. They should not be wanting to utilise white monopoly capital to buy ANC MPs to vote against a President who is aggressively implementing the policy decisions of the ANC to aggressively transform the economy. To declare that the MPs can vote independently is to suggest that MPs serve in Parliament because they are elected directly by the people, which they are not, they are deployed by the party and as such must account to the party which accounts to the people. The people have not called for the President to step down. If that were the case South Africa would resemble Venezuela.

There are serious issues that we must address rather than legal structured pseudo coup plots that are presented by monopoly capital. The ANC governs on the basis of the will of the people.

It would also be transparent for the ANC in provinces to recall all their deployees to the National Assembly and give marching orders to vote against such a motion e.g. especially the likes of Pravin Gordhan,Makhosi Khoza etc,this to make it clear to them why and who sent them to serve in parliament.

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  1. Anc Mps in parliament should vote according to their caucus decisions. They were not directly elected by the people to parliament. They were deployed to parliament by their party. If they do have a conscience then they should inform the party so they can be deployed elsewhere. The DA, EFF COPE and other parties MPs are following the dictates of their parties respectively. I concur with the President that the opposition parties are fishing for a majority they were not elected to have.

  2. Oh,and let me remind you. You are not going to touch Adv Mkhwebane. She is the most credible PP this country has ever had, unlike the sellout, celebrity former PP who sold out all poor people for her own greed. We are going to protect this PP with everything we have.

  3. Why don’t you complain about money stolen from SARB by absa? Why don’t you complain about the South African Banks who colluded to fix the Rand/Dollar exchange rate? Why don’t you complain when the Competitions Commission say, Johaan Rupert’s owned company is fixing the margarine and cooking oil prices? You are not fighting for the poor but for your greedy self. You want to be in power. The issues of margarine and cooking oil are issues of bread and butter which affect the poor the most.
    If your fight didn’t have a surname, you would be more concerned about this issues.

  4. This type of in-house blacks is so obsessed with Zuma to such an extent that they forget that Zuma will be gone in less than two (2) years from now. What will be the glue sticking them together once Zuma is gone? Zuma is not corrupt but the WMC want people to believe that he is because they know that he is a believer in BC and in upliftment of black people. If Zuma was corrupt, Thabo Mbbeki would have said so in the Arms Deal Commission, but he chose to say no one acted corruptly in that deal.
    So, everyone can see who is a lier here and who is working for WMC. You can’t release people from their duties because they were involved in a bad deal and later say that they didn’t do anything wrong.

  5. Mike, why do you complain about the ANC which cannot take a stand against corruption but you don’t complain about the opposition parties who always complain about corruption when it is perceived to be by black people (Zumas) and say nothing when the corruption is done by whites (the Ruperts & Oppenheimers)? I think the is hypocrisy in your statement. In-house niggers. ‘Yes massa, no massa’.

  6. It is very unfortunate that the public, more especially the previously and still economically disadvantaged and disenfranchised, does seem so reluctant to look at the “Bigger Bicture” which is, Radical Economic Transformation and franchising the disenfranchised. We are so obsessed with ‘ANC MPs voting with their conscience in order to oust the President as “…so much more has been revealed since 2014 that thousands are now leaving the ANC subsequently to that election”, as per Mike’s assertion. We lost an opportunity post-liberation by not utilising the Black Consciousness movement as our Sounding Board and “Broederbond”, instead we competed with them ideologically (and they too played ‘into the gallery’ by declaring themselves another ‘would be political party’ instead of being what I described above. Black people (inclusively), wake up and join forces to fight against the tyranny of WMC which continues to plunder and tear the nation apart. So Mike, wake up and look at the bigger picture!!!!! I’m not insulting your intelligence, never-the-less I expect your rebuttal or insult. Thank you!

    1. Bless you, my pal. You miss me entirely. I am fully in support of the BC movement, faithful to the teachings of Robert Sobukwe and the ideals they stood for. What is sick is the manner in which we are going about this fight. If we fight by the sword we will die by the sword. We are simply switching colours, but it is still the same corruption, abuse, fraud and oppression. Don’t judge a person by their surname but by their desire for integrity and justice. The ANC that cannot take a stand against corruption is no longer worthy of the name.

  7. It is just so ridiculously illogical to argue that MP’S must put their Party before that Country. Also, so much more has been revealed since 2014 that thousands are now leaving the ANC subsequently to that election.

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