BEWARE Of Fake Email With My Name That’s Circulating

By Pinky Khoabane

YESTERDAY I was alerted to the fact that someone was sending out emails with my name on it, albeit incorrectly spelt. The emails are meant to intimidate or threaten the recipients into thinking they would be next on my list of people that I would be exposing or writing about. Frankly, that’s not my style. Im also not intimidated by those who seek to silence me by embarking on these nefarious campaigns.

The sender uses the following email address:

Pinky Khobane <

I have nothing to do with this email address and certainly know how to spell my surname.

The emails say the recipient “could well be next”. I’m not in the business of making threats about what I intend investigating or publishing. If there are questions I need answered from the subject of an article for which I’m researching, I will ask them directly or those who can furnish answers to my questions.

I have since opened a case of fraud.

If you receive an email with my name on it, please be careful in how you handle it. The objective may well be to intimidate and get information from you. You can contact me on to authenticate an email that purportedly comes from me.

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  1. Sis Pinky,
    Ever since the birth of your Uncensored platform, the overwhelming thought of how much more onslaught at the hands of the mainstream and it’s underwriters you endure, has persistently paid me visits.

    It greatly pained me. It pains me still!
    We are indebted to you.

    That it would seem, you stand as a soloist as you intellectually empower, re-educate and re-inform your kind and all others persuaded by the pursuit of truth and justice.
    With none of us the like-minded folks sufficiently have our hands and refuge on offer.

    Yet you are unrelenting still.
    True to your calling.
    Such sternness of mind, Remarkable!

    Certainly, you are made of the same fibre that weaved the form, substance and souls of Bikos and Mangalisos. Fearless in the face of a heavily-sponsored perception tempest of deceit!

    You ought to know how deeply we love you even more as You Write What You Like!
    The spirits of our greatests live in you.

    Senzangakhona Buthelezi.

  2. It will all come to pass. Let’s pray for your safety. You tell the truth, we all know how that pisses off liars. God bless and protect you gal

    1. Thanks my love. It never passes. Those who try to stop the truth from coming out use all forms of tactics. It’s been years now this intimidation. Sadly, my children are beginning to live with it. You keep well

  3. That’s a shame really. Keep your head up, God vindicates the innocent. I believe and trust that you will survive this Praying for you.

    1. Thanks Lele. You know it’s almost as if Im in a nightmare sometimes. There’s just never an easy day. If it isnt intruders at my door, my car being tampered with, being intimidated and harassed where I live, there are now email scams.

      Thanks for the support

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