Arrogance of Power: Officialdom & The Dialectics of The So-Called ‘State Funeral’

With Reference to the Funeral of Mama Sobukwe

By Dr Luvuyo Mthimkhulu Dondolo

WEDNESDAY 22 August 2018, was the day epitomised by a series of memorial services for Mama Sobukwe held in different parts of the country. At the University of Fort Hare, the Centre for Trans-disciplinary Studies and the Centre of Theology Studies organised her memorial service. The Mother of Azania did not only pass away on the 40th anniversary of the death of her husband, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, but her memorial service was also held at the venue where her husband delivered his popular speech on 22 October 1949 as the out-going president of the Students Representative Council

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  1. What would one really expect from a delusional puppet state that sold out the country and its people and that does not even have the power to issue its own currency? Yet believing that it is free. Quite ridiculous if you ask me.

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