State Capture

Arms Dealer Spills The Beans On Real State Capture

Johan Erasmus Names State Capturers Incl Paul Kruger, Johann Rupert, Guptas & Many Others

International arms dealer Johan Erasmus in an interview on state capture.

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  1. Also, Erasmus should have been allowed to give more detail on the history. It is critical to know where and how this started. Keep dragging the interview back to the Guptas, a pimple on the backside of the camel, is not helpful. History is much , much bigger in this context in explaining where we are now. IMO

  2. The interview won’t show on browsers that block tracking and have certain types of adblocks, it seems. An extremely important interview ruined by technical sound and camera glitches that make it unwatchable. Have him back and get the tech right !

    1. Thank you for your comments Gary. Thankfully 1311 were able to go over the hurdle of technology and have watched it.

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