APPEAL: Help us expose corruption in the private sector

The face of corruption is largely of politicians and bureaucrats who abuse their power to loot the public coffers to enrich themselves at the expense of the public at large. And this perception is aided by the massive cover-up by commercial media which protect wrongdoing by shareholders of corporations and the advertisers. There is that saying – you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Shareholders and advertisers of media organisations provide the salaries and are the backbone of their existence.

In this country, we’ve seen the extent to which white corruption is protected. It has no face. The men and women who stole from the small man in the bread price-fixing corruption have no faces nor do the ones who stole billions from the public purse in the name of World Cup stadia.

As UnCensored, we’re building a platform where you as the public can confidentially report acts of corruption in your environment. We want to know about corruption between business-to-business and business-to-government.

Procurement is an area most vulnerable to corruption and fraud. We also want to know if your employer is complying with employment equity.

Transparecy International on Private Sector Corruption. Read here https://www.transparency.org/topic/detail/private_sector/


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  1. Why is private sector corruption a private matter around dinner tables and braai get togethers and government corruption is the main topic,when it takes two to tango the one player in government andvthe other player in the private sector, but you will never see our mainstream media covering private corruption.My experience as a whistle blower in the construction industry in the Western Cape as been a difficult journey….after 26 years in business I was forced to close shop. (1983 to 2009) because I spoke truth to power by challenging the old white boys club when I was elected to serve as an Excutive member of the Master Builders Association Cape Peninsula, (1996 to 2007) to promote transformation within the construction industry ice as referred to as a trouble maker…….you pay a price for making the right trouble

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