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Why apologists of White Monopoly Capitalists are attacking Molefe

By Magatshana Ntuli

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Why is dirt being thrown at Brian Molefe from all angles by white monopoly capital apologists, who bid and argue for South Africa’s current imbalanced economic status quo to continuously obtain? Molefe is one of the most competent and proven executives to ever emerge out of SA and his glittering track record attests to this pronouncement.

He has shattered ceilings and excelled in each portfolio he has held. From being chief director at National Treasury, he went on to grow the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) into Africa’s largest fund managers and among the largest in the world as CEO.
He also turned around the fortunes of Eskom, which was beset with a plethora of problems prior to his arrival. Molefe steadied the ship and restored the power utility to profitability and completely eradicated power outages during his tenure. Today SA enjoys both industrial and household load-shedding free electricity, thanks to Molefe’s stewardship.
Having found no tangible fault to dirty Molefe, WMC put in place machinations to besmirch him through concocted and unverifiable allegations that were somehow smuggled into the so-called “State of Capture” report that desperately seeks to convince us that the state is dysfunctional and only operates at the behest of the Gupta family. Insanity indeed!

Molefe’s resignation from Eskom was in no way an admission of any wrong doing as WMC and its media tried to make us believe. It was no wonder WMC and their disciples were shaken to their wits when he re-emerged in the limelight as an ANC backbencher in the National Assembly.

Just as they had convinced our retired celebrity Public Protector to carelessly include Molefe’s name in her hatched report, WMC and its beneficiaries again put their machinations into motion with all arrows aimed at Molefe. Their disciples, who include some misguided ANC elements, were hired to create mystery around Molefe’s branch membership. They went into overdrive with the support of their media and even claimed that Molefe held multiple ANC branch memberships.

In their increasing desperation, big guns, including some that just happen to be black, were rolled out to attack Molefe. Enter WMC’s incumbent chief disciple Sipho Pityana. Every time this man opens his mouth, he makes himself more ridiculous.

Remember him almost talking mourners out of their ears with his self aggrandising political speech at the funeral of former cabinet minister Makhenkesi Stofile in August 2016. While others paid tribute to Stofile, Pityana embarrassingly chose that sombre occasion to publicly declare his allegiance and cement his alliance with WMC by attacking President Jacob Zuma and the ANC. After receiving glowing coverage from the mainstream media, Pityana and his gang called Save South Africa, which, in fact, is an opposition political party along the lines of Afriforum masquerading as a civil society organisation campaign.

Like Afriforum, Save South Africa’s sole objective is to unseat the ANC from power and attack brilliant black people seen as a threat to whites’ interests. Molefe is an impeccable professional whom mediocre MPs on the opposition benches are afraid of debating, but prefer insulting him under parliamentary privileges protection, hence WMC’s opposition to his appointment to the august house.

WMC prefers a weak ANC in Parliament and have been shaken by the arrival of this new solid ruling party MP that will take them head-on using factual information and nothing else.

Molefe is not a howler like most opposition MPs, who are simply in parliament as WMC’s skippers. They argue for WMC and nothing else.

It was, therefore, not surprising when Pityana rushed to his media friends to pen an open letter insulting the person of Molefe on Tuesday. The open letter was bereft of facts, but Pityana chose to stroke his ego, which is now higher than a church steeple.

In the installment, Pityana gives himself the imaginary role of a modern day biblical judge. He laughably claims Molefe has a project with President Zuma which he will mobilise to defeat without elaborating.
Yes Pityana, Molefe and the president have a special project of implementing radical economic transformation and speeding up land reforms. Is that what Pityana vows to block? Well, let him be warned that he will come to grief should he attempt in the path of these projects.

Molefe is more qualified than Pityana’s DA MPs that seek to substitute Parliament with the courts in pursuit of protecting their unfair advantage and grabbing power. Molefe is not afraid of white people and will definitely transform National Treasury to serve the majority black populace if appointed to that portfolio. Treasury was captured a long time ago by WMC and needs the likes of Molefe to free it from the bondage of the Stellenbosch mafia, seeing that Save South Africa is just another anti-black lobby, despite possessing black members.

Where were Pityana and his Save South Africa when Investec, Standard Bank and Absa were accused of and pleaded guilty to collusion in price fixing of the rand? He couldn’t wag his tail because the entire saga had the stench of WMC.

One can only imagine the amount of noise from Pityana had any of these three been a black-owned bank? The “rashy” extent of Pityana’s moral measles is amazing. He is beginning to sound like a voice in the wilderness so he can continue to enjoy the crumbs dropping from his WMC masters’ high table in a senselessly spectacular manner.

His vicious enthusiasm in bidding for WMC can manipulate headlines, but we will never accept their attempt to make poverty an acceptable condition for black South Africans by continuing to embrace a skewed economic landscape and landlessness in our own country.

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  1. Hi Pinky.

    Thank you for all the good analysis. It is really helping in ensuring that one looks at things in more than one way.

    On Brian’s resignation, it was clear that he was a person that wanted to clear his name of all this and some of us were looking forward to that. Then the silence, then “plan B”.

    It makes it seem like he lost that fight and he has no come back, because all that was said is true.

    This leaves a bitter taste to aspiring african executives.

    What information do you have on this?

    Bheki Hlongwe

    1. Dear Bheki

      I too was looking forward to Brian Molefe’s fight back. I fully understand why he resigned in the wake of the unsubstantiated allegations in the State of Capture report. Most honourable people do not want to tarnish the name of the companies they work for – its rare in South Africa hence people have put much emphasis on it. Around the world, politicians and corporate leaders do this as a matter of cause.

      I can’t speak for Molefe but like those of us who felt his resignation was a loss for the country given his accomplishments, he must have been advised not to waste his time on “clearing” his name on unsubstantiated allegations. There is after all, supposedly a commission that will look into it and he will definitely have that opportunity to clear his name.

      In the meantime, he’s needed to assist in the country and he has that opportunity once again to serve this country in Parly. Unlike the many MPs who barely make a dent into the goings-on in this country, he will kick butt – as the young people say.



    2. Hi Bheki
      My views has and always will that that Brian has nothing to defend himself from, resigning was an honerable thing that proffesionals sometimes feel obliged to do to protect the institution/entity..am one of the people that challenged the so called State of Capture report.

  2. Revolutionaries must strengthen their capacity to advance the struggle to the door steps of the enemy. WMC is only funded with capital without ideology to unleash the ANC peoples government. WMC agents will use every space to reverse the gains, revolutionaries must work hard in wiping out the agents of WMC and its institutions.

  3. Up to today and now the mainstream nedia has not reported on the Unilever and Sime Darby case of collusion/corruption to allocate the market and fix prices thereby fleecing already suffering consumers. And when and if ever this is reported SaveSA and their ilk will be loudly quiet. Who is fooling who?

    1. Dear Gazebo

      I don’t believe you’re completely correct in saying commercial media haven’t reported on this latest corruption involving Rupert, again. But yes, the headlines are so small one barely remembers seeing them.

      But we – you, me & us – are now here and we will do our best to shine a spotlight on these ruthlessly corrupt people.



  4. It is an extremely serious situation for WMC having Mr Brian Molefe in parliament where i hope he soon will be the Finance Minister. It is also my hope that Mr Molefe will rid that department of all the wmc stooges and do the right thing in respect of radical economic transformation. Having followed this individual i am sure that he will do well in that department as he did where ever he were deployed.

    1. Dear Jannie

      Brian Molefe is feared by WMC and apologists because he has a track record of radical economic transformation. He’s a threat hence all the machinery being set out to tarnish his name.

      If you’re religious please pray that he gets the job. This country will move towards empowerment of blacks much faster than it has under all the finance ministers we’ve had. Unfortunately they are all besotted with IMF/World Bank slavery and Washington/London financial hegemony.



  5. Should the President choose to appoint Brian Molefe to Head Finance Ministry, it will be he best choice he would ever made, which will be fully supported by us, the majority of this country, Brian is Credible, Smart and very Able to swing things around. Smear campaigns to his integrity will get you nowhere Mr Pityana!

    Pityana, You are nothing more than a protector of the “Thieves” (Oppenheimers) who together with the Apartheid regime took peoples land without compensation & stripped it of its minerals & never paid any royalties due& even stole their shares invested in De Beers.

    Now Mr self proclaimed Saver of South Africa please save this government from the Thieves you work for and let them pay what’s due.

  6. The post by Magatshana Ntuli (and all others in this platform) is revolutionary and bringing hope to many. I so wish our entire populace could be afforded the opportunity to read the posts and rid themselves of the venom which the untransformed media is feeding them. Eish!!!!

    1. Dear Stalin

      Thank you for your kind words Stalin. We are only about 4 months old, we must all put our minds together and see how we can best push the message to all progressive South Africans and make a difference in the way people view the world.

      Thank you for your continued support…



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