APC’s African Agenda

Preamble to the APC 2019 Elections Manifesto

It is my singular honour to once again present the revolutionary vision of the APC on the kind of society we seek to build for our people, with our people.

Our vision is centred firmly on the Africa Agenda. We have placed the African people in general, and the working class in particular, at the centre of our vision.

Since the advent of white minority rule to date the African people—the indigenous, the majority—have been at the periphery economically, socially, culturally and even politically. The advent of majority rule in 1994 has given them only the right to vote, but the organization and running of the State has followed the same colonial track in a bourgeoisie democracy. The popular participation of the people is absent thus frustrations boil over into protests that mushroom everywhere.

The APC propose a different course; put the people at the centre through social audits, through organs of people’s power; have a new, people-centred and –driven constitution that protects the interests of the people. Once the people are involved, they will determine their developmental priorities; they will unleash their creativity, enthusiasm and energy. Captain Thomas Sankara has demonstrated this in Burkina Faso.

After more than a decade of service, suffering and sacrifice the APC has been well prepared and tested. We have taken it upon ourselves to hold high the flag of Pan-Africanism and socialism, as its torchbearers. Our ideological clarity and consistency of practice guarantees us a bright future and the achievement of brilliant victories ahead.

We have as an indisputable fact that—at least in Africa—no idea is superior to Africanism; and that to be an Africanist is to be mentally liberated. Thus an African who rejects Africanism is not liberated and can therefore not liberate anyone.

We are Africans, and our Agenda is African. We are unapologetic, we owe no one an explanation.

We are carrying forward the struggles of our forbearers, first properly articulated as an ideological platform by Anton Lembede and AP Mda, later by Robert Sobukwe, John Pokela, Zeph Mothopeng, Peter Raboroko, Nana Mahomo, etc. We are carrying their struggles forward, their Africanism.

I am making a call to our Task Forces to exert themselves without restraint to deliver a brilliant victory for the APC at the polls. We call on our people to give the APC the power to work for them, with them. Let your vote work for you. We will dedicate this victory of the APC to the memory of our dear departed Secretary-General Comrade Paseka Zacharia Moshwadiba who passed on 15 January 2019. May his soul rest in power.

Yours for the African Agenda

Cde Themba Godi

APC President

Full Manifesto Here APC 2019 Election Manifesto (3)




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