ANC & Presidency Not Quiet on Mantashe for No Reason

By Akuba Mokoena

WHEN a country lacks moral leadership as the African National Congress does  it’s no surprise that the government of the “clean” President Cyril Ramaphosa has nothing or very little to say about the sex allegations that the Minerals and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni were involved in a love triangle involving a 26-year old. 

Frankly what people do in their bedrooms is their business but the fact that in his response to the questions on this matter, Mantashe then implicated himself in saying he bribed journalists from the same newspaper, Sunday World, to quash the story is both criminal and exposes his moral weaknesses. 

The ANC has so many allegations of sexual scandals by its leadership that Ramaphosa himself could not hold his comrades accountable on a moral level. 

He was himself, before the ANC elective conference in 2017, embroiled in allegations of a sex scandal involving young women. He admitted to one extra-marital affair but stories from some of the young girls still float around. There’s another story which is bound to hit the headlines soon about a woman who’s described as “his Baby Momma” who’s about to be posted in an ambassadorial position. 

It’s the filth in the organisation.

Former President Jacob Zuma not too long ago married a young woman, a third of his age. I personally have not cared that he marries women who are old enough to make informed decisions about their lives but the 24-year old I couldn’t accommodate in the name of culture. It’s incidentally in this month a year ago when former Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s private parts went viral even making it on pornographic websites. 

As for Mboweni, his young women escorts to social events as governor of reserve bank during the time when the late Gwen Gill’s  Sunday Times’ “Social Pages”, were the talk of town: “Who will be on the arm of the governor at next social event?”

The ANC Women’s League is completely quiet. These are not issues they get involved in and it is a shame when the supposedly leading voice in our society, one which has been giving the mandate to lead us – morally, economically and from the shackles of colonialism and apartheid and against violence against women and children – struggles to reprimand its men. 


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