ANC Has Billionaire President, Will His Friends Deliver on Land & Free Education?

Members of the ANC sing and dance ahead of the opening ceremony of the 54th National Elective Conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg. . The event will see the governing party elect new leadership over the weekend. Picture: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times
Members of the ANC sing and dance ahead of ANC National Conference at Nasrec

The African National Congress (ANC) turned 105 years old this year and used the occasion of the January 8 Statement to honour one of its giants, Oliver Reginald Tambo. Teacher, lawyer, diplomat, revolutionary, Tambo would have been 100 years old had he been alive today.

Delivering his last January 8th Statement at Orlando Stadium as President of the ANC,  Jacob Zuma said the leadership had heard, heeded the calls of ANC faithful and had put in place corrective measures.

He called for unity “against our common enemies”. He identified unemployment, poverty and inequality as the enemy of the people. This has been the scourge against the Africans since 1652.

His call was not heeded however as the ANC continued to eat itself up. Factionalism reached fever pitch with the hatred between the two major factions of ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and Member of Parliament Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma playing itself out in the public space. It simply was too painful to watch.

As the national conference got closer, the contestation became brutally fierce. Smear campaigns in the media by both sides were intensified. At branch level, comrades did everything in their power to ensure delegates who would attend Conference would deliver their candidate. As I’ve reported here, they were willing to break every rule of the ANC and even take lives to ensure their preferred candidate would win.

Given the bullying tactics of some factions – tactics which bordered on unlawful activity it must be said – the opposition (yes, there is in the ANC, the ruling party of the ANC and the opposition to the ruling ANC) did the unthinkable and took matters to courts. All around the country it rained ANCvANC in the courts.

In the week leading upto Conference, the courts were still busy attending to ANC issues. The legitimacy of Provincial Executive Committees (PECs) and Branch General Meetings (BGMs) were being assessed by the courts and most if not all which were contested were found to have violated the ANC Constitution. Provincial leaders whose status had been deemed null and void by the courts swiftly retreated to their branches to get delegate status. Someone like former Free State Premier and now ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule for example, was not even the branch’s first choice for delegate. He was the alternate but ended up at the Conference and became SG in a controversial win. Sixty-three (63) or sixty-eight (68) votes were not counted; the reasons are still vague.

Ultimately however, Ramaphosa appealed to his group not to take the matter to court. His supporters are still furious though and the debate of who won between Senzo Mchunu and Magashule is still raging on WhatsApp groups. Mchunu was on Ramaphosa’s slate for SG and was beaten by about 23 votes although he had more branch nominations.

The Conference delivered an almost 50:50 vote for both factions. Top 6 had three Ramaphosa people and three Dlamini-Zuma people. The National Executive Committee (NEC) depending on who you speak to, beat the other by a few votes.

In essence then, a unity slate has emerged from Conference and a break-away group has been avoided.

A Zuma recall which the Ramaphosa supporters were calling for as early as January is highly unlikely. He has his lieutenants in the NEC and they will fight tooth and nail to ensure he completes his tenure. The question is whether Ramaphosa’s negotiating skills will persuade an early exit for Zuma or whether the courts will intervene. Ramaphosa’s negotiating skills at CODESA have been hailed but there are those like me, who think the ANC was completely beaten by the apartheid regime in those negotiations.

Three key resolutions taken at this conference are fee free education for the poor, nationalisation of the Reserve Bank, establishment of state bank and land expropriation without compensation. Of course there are conditions to the implementation of these – land expropriation without compensation for example, must not hinder economic growth, food security, etc. In short, like most policies it might not happen. But these were Dlamini-Zuma campaign issues.

So the ANC has a billionaire president whose friends have the economic power to implement what the Black majority deserve. Will they do it or was that trip to Orlando East just one of those cleansing of the soul PR exercises the rich undertake each year before leaving for their exotic holiday destinations?

The Winners

Apart from the mobile companies which must have raked in millions of rand through WhatsApp usage as this was the major tool of mobilisation and communication during this campaign, the ANC won. There is definitely no unity but there isn’t a splinter group either – something the ANC could ill afford going into the 2019 elections.


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  1. Wow – Jeff K – the above commentary! I have been reading your Surtie Family matter for some while on Uncensored and I wonder if the mainstream reporters are going to write about it at some stage. That’s some mega claim amount.

  2. Free education is possible with treasury or revenue services. Beginning to tax billions sitting with the real estate investment trusts As well as banks, It may seem a special dispensation through sunset clause
    Still exist for banks as well as Real estate property trusts.

  3. There can be no delivery on land nor free education while our leaders are protecting the injustices of the apartheid & them become traitors & crooks & move the focus to one man & the Guptas!

    The corruption of the guptas is a drop in the ocean while it may not be condoled. The Anc needs to wake up and start putting the interest of poor black people that put it in power! Otherwise the EFF might be the only hope for black people!

  4. To PIC Ceo and Board members

    Find here under info that may guide you of assets under management as
    declared to Parliament 2004/5
    This is the period where assets were transfered from “Commissioners”
    to “Corporation” as per Act amendment

    A)Refer to slide 9 “Asset portfolio names”
    (Pic top 10 clients)


    B)Refer to slide 7
    “PIC Assets under Management”
    asset class “bonds”

    1)Slide 9 clearly indicates that the investment portfolio of “Special
    Restricted accounts”
    was never transfered nor declared from Sarb ( Commissioners) to the
    Corporation 2004/5.

    *it could have never been included in the Guardian Funds asset class
    category, as this class is under stated.

    2) Slide 7 asset class “bonds” clearly indicates that bonds relating
    to special restricted accounts investments were not included.
    If that was argued the simple answer is those bonds were unique…,
    and also issued in foreign currency(usd), hence easily traceable.

    With the current disclosed huge liability to PIC this may require a
    full probe into the bonds assets from 1985-2010, this is a very
    serious matter, that has potential to take the country down, as it may
    be perceived to have been a well planned fraud, theft & money
    laundering act.

    Besides that it must be investigated be in terms of good governance.

    whatever the finding will be, it will not change the fact that you are
    legally liable for the debt due for repayment of the Surtie family`s
    claim, as defined on regulation 4 of the exchange control
    (Currency and exchange act 9 of 1933.), I therefore suggest that
    discussion of a repayment plan should commence without further delay.

    Both Minister Gigaba & DM Buthelezi are fully aware of this
    corruption, they were both deployed to this Ministry to resolve all
    these corruption which were being protected by Trevor Manual, Pravin
    Gordhan & Nhlanhla Nene.

    That is the fact, both the President & his Deputy are copied herein.

  5. Dear SG Cde Ace Magashule, Top Six & all NEC members

    Background of pending R1,2 trillion claim now due for repayment by Public Investment Corporation

    The money was traced through Absa international data base to be held in a (classified), dormant special restricted account ,with specific identifier code 0000/4444 and account name: A (mm) Surtie
    held by Public Investment Commissioners
    (then subsidiary of reserve bank)

    This account was held on behalf of my client the late Mr A.R.T. Surtie as then directed by regulation 2 of the amendment of 1985/6 of the foreign and exchange act of 1933.

    1) 1996-First phase of international violation of fraud, theft & money laundering, money was re-invested into govt bond, which were given to absa.
    This constituted to serious violation of world stock markets governed by IOSCO of which FSB is member thereof, as an official representative of:

    “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA CIK#: 0000932419”.

    1996-2010 the Anc government paid a total liability of R870 billion rand to the reserve bank on these bonds

    2) Second phase of Serious international violation of fraud theft & money laundering was:

    In 2004/5 Thabo Mbeki removed the control of Public Investment Commissioners out of the reserve bank, whereby
    Public Investment Corporation was formed & became an independent entity , the first Ceo was Brian Molefe.

    2004/5 a concerted collaboration between:

    *Thabo Mbeki,
    *Tito Mboweni, *Trevor Manual,
    *Gill Marcus,
    *Maria Ramos,
    *Lesetja Kganyago
    *Lungisa Fazile
    * Pravin Gordhan

    For Sarb to transfer all other assets to new PIC. And retain the assets on the investment portfolios of “Special Restricted Accounts”

    the plan was to eventually move these assets to Absa, where Maria Ramos would to be placed.

    3)The money currently remains hidden at the reserve bank (Corporation for Public Deposits)

    What needs to be done is :

    These assets need to be removed immediately from the reserve bank (Corporation for Public Deposits (CPD to Public Investment Corporation, to allow them to settle the overdue pending claim..

    Finance Minister (Gigaba) and his DM (Buthelezi) is invested with the powers to do so. Their failure will constitute to an act of criminal in terms of international laws & regulation equally in terms of Rsa POCA, PCCA & FIC acts)

    Their failure will further lead to the undesirable measure of last resort ( bringing in the international regulatory bodies for their intervention)
    This includes amongst others:

    IMF, World bank, BIS, IOSCO.

    This intervention has dire consequence that will bring Sarb,Pic, Fsb to total bankruptcy,
    Total collapse of the country`s economy,

    To be noted, RSA as a country is registered as a corporation with the above
    FSB & SARB acts as the country`s representatives.

    In an attempt for an amicable resolution & out of great respect for our President Jacob Zuma, for his loyalty to the Anc & the country, as he agreed in 2012 that Ssa should find a way to resolve the matter conditionally that is does not cause any harm or damage to both the Country & the ruling party Anc. Due to limited jurisdiction limited to finance ministry, SSA was unable to proceed.

    I then got my clients to agree to reduce the claim from R1,2 trillion to R468 billion (capital amount only excluding accrued interest)

    The above noble gesture which was as a result of President Jacob Zuma is now retracted with immediate effect, the legal claim now remains at R1,2 trillion.

    The reason is the very same people (comrades) that our President has been trying to protect for the sake of the Unity & survival of the anc are the now the ones calling the President

    “A corrupt crook & thief”

    As if that’s not enough they are planing and plotting the undignified exit of the President which will destroy his life, legacy, integrity and credibility. .

    when in fact the real thieves and betrayal & traitors of our liberation movement are themselves as their identities mentioned above.

    Most disturbing is the elective conference delegates decision to re nominate & retain two of these thieves, traitors in the NEC.

    Resulting in us having double agents operating from within! Its time the Anc wakes up & smell the coffee otherwise we are history come 2019.

    I close with the following fact which must not be construed to be a threat.

    If our President Jacob Zuma is removed in an undignified way without full benefits & indemnity, then the country & the ruling party must be willing to take a fall also.

    That fall will come from international intervention which as awaiting to be triggered if no resolution is reached on the pending claim.

    Killing me will not stop anything as I have certain things in place to continue with or without me & if fighting against the apartheid injustice is a death sentence in our democracy, them am happy to accept the sentence.

    Jeff Koorbanally
    Activist & Veteran

  6. Dear Secretary General Cde Ace Magashule & Top Six & all Members of NEC

    Those plotting and planning for President Jacob Zuma`s removal & Prosecution through Parliament’s processes (impeachment or no confident motions of secret votes) need to take note of the following:

    *President Jacob Zuma has not stolen any public funds

    * the unduly benefits that the Guptas is alleged to have gained has nothing to do with President Jacob Zuma.

    *Finance Ministry & treasury need to explain to all of us how it was allowed to happen..

    *The perception by mainstream media & certain comrades that the corruption during Jacob Zuma`s tenure/ administration is worse than previous leaders like Hon Thabo Mbeki is mischievous & misleading.

    *The biggest corruption took place from 1996-2009 under Thabo Mbeki in his capacity as DP & President.

    *This involved hundreds of billions of rand of funds illegally laundered into government bonds of which a portion was used to boost his administration.

    *This assertion is based barring in mind that while 1994-1999 was the tenure of Hon Mandela, Mbeki run the country`s administration, as Mandela was on the campaign of reconciliation & fund raising for the bankrupt country we inherited.

    *This corruption has now become a liability due for repayment by Public Investment Corporation (SOC) which by virtue of the legally allowed claim (capital plus guardian fund interest rate:$90 billion)

    *This has potential to bring Public Investment Corp (PIC) to insolvency after their loss on Steinhoff investment which was also irregular

    *This was an Apartheid sabotage allowed by:

    Thabo Mbeki, Trevor Manual, Jabu Moleketi. Tito Mboweni, Gill Marcus,Maria Ramos, lesetja Kganyago, Lungisa Fuzile, Pravin Gordhan & others.

    *Therefore President Jacob Zuma cannot go down as the corrupt leader of the country and the Anc, when in fact his predecessors comrades listed are the real reason of the financial status crisis this country is facing & what they did or allowed to happen constituted to the worse corruption that dragged the Anc into the same sins of apartheid that we fought against .

    *I. demand that: “Extreme Caution” needs to be taken by the Anc & its current leadership under Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa in finding a solution for a dignified exit of President Jacob Zuma.

    *This exit plan must be with full benefit & full Indemnity against any form of prosecution.

    *I make this humble submission with power and authority In my capacity as the claimant of the above mentioned claim due for payment by PIC on behalf of my clients the Surtie Family (British basuthuland) I also state the above as loyal veteran of this movement, as our failure will result in the downfall of the Anc and the country..

    *The claim against PIC stands firmly in contrary to what anyone say or believe, there is no getting out of it either legally or otherwise, the difference is, with me in charge there is room for an amicable settlement, this I promised the Hon President Jacob Zuma, that while obliged to restore the injustices of the apartheid regime against my client, I would not do anything that will harm the Anc nor the country.

    This matter is well known to our newly elected President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa, and he has been avoiding his urgent intervention, claiming only President Jacob Zuma has the sole power to resolve it, an assertion that is incorrect and misleading as Cde Cyril Ramaphosa is currently Head of Government business in which the jurisdiction of this matter falls.

    The matter is also fully known to Finance Ministry, Treasury, FSB, Sarb, Basa, PIC who hold the main jurisdiction, they are all trying to protect and hide the rot, which is a worthless exercise as all the evidence has been handed for international intervention as a last measure of resort, awaiting to be triggered if no resolution is reached & that will have dire consequences to the banking sector the country as a whole!

    The Guptas & others must be pursuit for recoveries, while Treasury & SOEs executives must be brought to account for their involvement & failures to have prevented the horrific act of greed, which prejudiced and robbed poor citizen of this country.

    Notwithstanding the fact that I have been begging former Cde SG Mantashe since 2012 to be given a chance to present this matter to the NEC, he and Mathew Phosa blocked me from doing so & SG continued to block me to date..

    I close with these words:

    Give Msholozi the dignified exit he deserves, he has protected this liberation movement under very difficult conditions from the Monopoly & Opposition while protecting and being silent on the worse damage done by he’s predecessor.

    I make myself available without fear or favor to make this presentation of facts to the Top six and the NEC any time if required to do so and let all the named be there to defend themselves if they can.

    Jeff Koorbanally
    Financial forensic Auditor/Investigator

  7. Dear Comrade Cyril

    Congratulations on your election as president of the ANC. We trust we will not have to wait too long before we can also congratulate you on your election as president of the Republic, as that will mean we have finally seen the back of the worst president in the history of the ANC, and the most corrupt leader in post-apartheid South Africa – Jacob Zuma.
    Our demands include:

    • An immediate judicial commission of enquiry into state capture and appropriate action against all those implicated & named in the state capture report and other corrupt activities.

    • The restoration of credibility in the criminal justice system, and all institutions that are crucial in the fight against corruption. These include the Hawks, the national police service, the NPA and the intelligence services.

    • Public affirmation of the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of Chapter Nine institutions, as well as a commitment to ensure these bodies are properly resourced.

    • The appointment of credible leaders in key economic institutions that are linked to the fight against corruption. These include National Treasury, SARS, the Chief Procurement Office, the Public Investment Corporation, the Financial Intelligence Centre and other economic ministries.

    • Full investigations into corruption and misgovernance in state-owned companies and parastatals, followed by the removal of boards, CEOs and management found to be corrupt, and their replacement with reputable and experienced leaders.

    • Finally, we insist that Zuma and the Guptas must not be allowed to leave South Africa. Their passports must be revoked until investigations around them are finalised.

    If that is to be your approach, we are ready to assist. Not to promote you, or to promote the African National Congress, but to ensure we do whatever we can to Save South Africa.

    Ke nako!

    Sipho M Pityana

  8. A plan to remove the President JZ is already in motion.

    Its going to be done through Parliament Process
    ( Vote of no confident or Impeachment)

    Main drivers of this plan campaign is amongst others Pravin Gordhan, Derek Hannekom, Jackson Mthembu & others…..

    The 60 Ministers, Deputies, & MPS (Anc) that was alleged to be willing to vote with the opposition parties in the last motion are now being mobilized & and assured of retaining their positions in parliament.

    The motion will be put by opposition & will be overwhelmingly accepted by the Anc Caucus.

    On the guaranteed success of this motions, CR will be officially nominated as new President, thereafter he will make the biggest reshuffle of Cabinet Minister & deputies.

    Due to separation of power the NEC will have no jurisdiction to intervene.

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