Human Trafficking

ALERT: Alleged Human Trafficking Hubs In Johannesburg

Check With National Human Trafficking Hotline 0800 222 777 Before Going To A Job Interview

EVERYDAY social media sites are inundated with stories of young women who are lured to job interviews only to be abducted and forced into sex work. About two weeks ago, a young woman posted of her ordeal on Facebook and the post was later sent to us at UnCensored. 

Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking

We also recently received a list of alleged human trafficking hubs in Johannesburg. It is alleged that job seekers are lured to interviews and then abducted into the sex trade. 

Given that the list had 34 alleged hubs, the process of verification became cumbersome given our limited resources. Yesterday, I raised the matter with South African Police Services (SAPS) in an effort to verify whether these “businesses” were legitimate or not. After being sent from pillar to post, I posted the issue on Twitter this morning without publishing the list of the alleged human trafficking hubs. Colonel Mogale, who is in the corporate communication section of SAPS, did’t even sound like she would do anything about it, even though she did mention she is “waiting” for my email. And so, Im not surprised she hasnt come back to me about anything. 

I further sent the list to the City Of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor Geoff Makhubo and he responded to say the matter was sent to Public Safety and they shall contact me “if necessary”.  

I also contacted the National Freedom Network, a network of organisations that work with human trafficking and one of the services they offer is verifying job opportunity scams. They advise job seekers to contact their National Emergency Hotline on 0800-222-777 before they go for interviews. And they did confirm they receive a lot of job opportunity scams. They have promised to check the list and we shall update. 

So, given our limited resources against what may well be a danger to the young, unsuspecting people, largely women, who are always forced into these situations due to poverty and unemployment, we shall publish this list. 

1. ILPA House CNR Commissioner & Von Weiligh Str
2. Klamson Towers, 151 Commissioner Str
3. Manchester House, CNR Von Wielligh & Pritchard Str
4. The Great Experience, Curthberths of Chambers Building, CNR Prichard & Eloff Str
5. Century (Insurance) Building, CNR Kruis & Albertina Sisulu Str
6. Motaung Recruitment, Dr Neil Agget Building, 90 President & Kruis Str
7. North State Building, 99 Albertina Sisulu Str
8. Factor House, CNR Kruis & Albert Str
9. BMT Training pty Ltd, Royal Place, CNR Eloff & Kerk Str
10. Mr Price Building, CNR Albertina Sisulu & Von Brandis Str
11. Ottawa Mall, CNR President & Small Str
12. Kariba House, CNR DeVilliers & Commissioner Str
13. ABC Kay Motsepe Building, CNR Fox & Von Brandis Str
14. Mothomo House, Fox Str
15. Meisschkes Building, CNR Harrison & Albertina Sisulu Str
16. De Souza Direct, Power Place Building, 261 Oak Avenue, Randburg
17. 08 Hillside road, Parktown near BP garage
18. 1fourall Recruitment Agency, Address Unknown
19. Vusa House, Gandhi Square, Jhb
20. DK Marketing Solutions (pty) Ltd, Mr Price Building, CNR Albertina Sisulu Rd & Von Brandis Str
21. ICA Marketing, Aspern house, 2de korte Str, Braamfontein
22. Markade Building, 84 CNR President & Kruis Str
23. MIT Group, 130 Fox & Von Brandis Str
24. Renaissance Building, Gandhi Square
25. Focus House, 86 Lovey Day & Plein Str, Jhb
26. Mansion House, Albertina Sisulu & Kruis Str
27. Brooklyn Recruitment, Jhb
28. E.N.T Call Centre, Imas House, 28 Von Brandis & Main Str
29. Motsepe Building, CNR Fox & Von Brandis Str
30. Lebeya/Success Hospitality, Joubert & Commissioner Str, Majesty Building
31. Benny Recruitment And Training, 262 Madiba Str, Pretoria
32. MK Marketing, Apollo Building, Pretoria
33. TK Marketing, 43 Weirda Str, Devilliers Ave Vereeniging, Randburg
34. Malatji Specialised Services, Metropolitan Park, Hillside Rd, Parktown


South Africa is a source, transit, and destination country for forced labour and sex trafficking. Unemployment and demand are big factors, and children are often a primary target. Traffickers can be as young as the victims. Report to SAPS 10111, or to the National Freedom Network Hotline: 0800 222 777 #endslavery

THERE IS NO TIME FRAME required to file a missing person report in SA. The person may be abducted, kidnapped or a target of human trafficking. The faster action is taken, the better. Anyone who notices a friend, relative or family member missing, can report it to the nearest SAPS. 
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