Agrizzi Lied Again

Why National Prosecutions Authority Is opposing bail for Angelo Agrizzi in the Palm Ridge Court.

The state is opposing bail because self-confessed racist and corrupt Angelo Agrizzi lied under oath in a previous affidavit in his bail application in 2019 relating to the corruption case against Bosasa. 

  • The Investigating Directorate (ID) contends that Agrizzi lied in his previous bail affidavit dated 6 February 2019. Agrizzi previously told the court “My wife and I own movable assets valued at approximately R2,6m and immoveable property valued at approximately R14m.”
  • The true position is that as at 6 February 2019, the Agrizzis owned movable assets (excluding household furniture, jewellery and art) of R35,6m and not R2.65m.
  • While he told the court: “I am a South African citizen with strong emotional ties in the Republic of South Africa”, he did not disclose that he also has strong ties to Italy. He failed to hand to court his Italian passport, claiming that he has lost it.
  • He failed to disclose that his house worth R13.5 million is owned under a trust. He further failed to pay his bond owed R8.7million and now the bank is auctioning his property
  • He also transferred R11.98 million to his offshore account to a foreign investment . His wife has also made deposits to an offshore account
  • Italian authorities have confirmed that the Agrizzis opened bank accounts in Italy into which funds liquidated in RSA were transferred. On 5 March 2019, he bought real estate/property in Castel Del Piano in Italy for €880 000.00 as well as a luxury vehicle tukaj.
  • A bank account in the name of Agrizzi’s wife has a balance of €714 419.50. The Asset Forfeiture Unit is taking steps to seize the Italian assets.
  • The Independent Directorate worked closely with its partners, viz. SARS, SARB Surveillance Division (FinServ) and the Hawks in bringing the accused before court.

The excerpts come from NPA Twitter Account

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