By Themba Godi

Comrades, Sons and Daughters of Africa.

Solidarity is a natural human phenomenon and a critical factor for social progress. Even those who enslaved, colonized and continue to dominate us exercise maximum solidarity amongst themselves.

For the marginalized and dominated Africans, solidarity amongst ourselves is a precondition for emancipation. Thus any project that seeks to build solidarity  amongst us will find a principled and consistent supporter in the APC. 

We however need to be dialectical in our approach, that is, know where we are, and the milestones to pass towards the ideal of maximum solidarity, principled unity, unity in action.

Let’s start by avoiding needless and destructive criticism of each other, to having joint activities like this one. We must be able to define very broadly issues of national strategic importance that we all push jointly or severally, but in the same direction.

Our great leader Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe has taught us that our policies must flow from the logic of the African situation and in the long term interests of the African millions. We your living footsteps shall keep on keeping on, we shall beat salvation drum from shore to shore, from door to door till your ideal of Africa for Africans, Africans for Humanity, and Humanity for God, become common cause amongst our people in the villages, townships, Slums, University Campuses, Suburbs, Mine Compounds etc.

We are Africans. We assert that, at least in Africa, there is no idea that is superior to Pan-Africanism.
Pan-Africanism is about Africa, it is about Africans and their reality.
It is about who we are. The reggae band Third World chants that the greatest person you can be, is yourself. The greatest person you can be is yourself, African.
May we also add therefore that an African who denies Pan-Africanism is not liberated, and can therefore not liberate anybody.

Our quest for solidarity can not be sustained purely by emotions. It must be unity of purpose, it must be anchored in ideas, our ultimate vision.

Those who dominate us think and plan. To liberate ourselves, we must out think and out plan them.
We must liberate the minds. As Steve Biko said that the greatest weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed. We must, in the words of Bob Marley,” emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”.

The starting point always is, let us know and love ourselves first, for we can not know and love others before we know & love ourselves.

Lastly, let me say this: I am a Pan-Africanist. What are You?

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