Adriaan Basson – The Regime Change Agent Unravels

PERHAPS another “racist” description pointing towards News24 Editor Adriaan Basson was one too many in the short space of time since his racist friend Angelo Agrizzi boasted about their relationship. We’ve published recordings in which a group of white former employees of what used to be known as Bosasa, plot a hostile take-over of the company, which comprises of getting rid of the “kaffirs”, bribing the Hawks and using media contacts cultivated over time (at the top of which is Basson) and the Democratic Alliance (DA).

In a moment of what can only be described as a melt down, following Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema calling the News24 editor a “racist thing like that white boy called Adriaan Basson”, Basson confessed in an editorial that he had been part of a campaign to get rid of Zuma – a regime change campaign. The media had decided Zuma, a democratically elected president, was corrupt and they needed to get rid of him.

Writing under the headline, “The spectacular unravelling of Julius Malema”, Basson recalls how the EFF leader had given him tip offs in their “common pursuit to expose corruption” and how the media had collaborated in using him to unseat former President Jacob Zuma. The media also turned a blind-eye to his (Malema’s) allegations of corruption, Basson says.

“We wanted someone to embarrass Zuma for everything he’s done, and Malema comfortably played the role of public accuser number one.

“‘Pay back the money’, the ‘Zuptas’ and ‘uBaba ka Duduzane’ were wonderful catchphrases, masterfully coined by Malema and his lieutenants in their campaign to lift Zuma out of his seat. And we played along.

“Because we agreed with the EFF that Zuma was bad for the country. He had to go”.

Basson’s confession rips open the integrity of a South African media that we already know lacks anything close to what we could call ethics and this is best demonstrated in his arrogance in writing the article which has been met with absolute silence by the protectors of media freedom – South African Editors Forum (SANEF), Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI), Right2Know and many other bodies and individuals who, when it suits them, lambast those who dare question the integrity of the media.

Confidentiality of Sources Sacrosanct In Journalism

Basson doesnt detail which stories Malema provided tip-offs for which in itself is very sinister. Why expose your whistleblower but not information he gave you? How do we know he even gave you the information?

That aside, keeping the names of sources who want to keep their identity confidential is sacrosanct in journalism. This is a matter that became open for much debate when former Sunday Times investigative reporter, Mzilikazi wa Afrika, revealed in his book, that Zuma was the source of the questions posed to him by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) under Bulelani Ngcuka. The Sunday Times investigative team had tried to establish the questions and couldnt and resorted to Ranjeni Munusamy, who was openly known to be a Zuma person.

She got the questions but was told permission was granted only on condition the Sunday Times published that Ngcuka was a spy. The Sunday Times agreed but wanted the proof. As we now know, when proof wasnt forthcoming, Munusamy gave the story to the City Press and an enquiry, the Hefer Commission, found she was lying.

Agenda Setting and Regime Change

It’s no longer a secret that establishment media serve their handlers – the corporations who are the shareholders and the advertisers who keep the wheels turning.

It is not rocket science to understand why corporate corruption is not on front pages but resides somewhere in the middle pages in small print. It is no longer something to wonder about that the Competition Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele does not hold the kind of stature that the public prosecutor holds in the eyes of establishment media; he’s the man who exposes corporate corruption by way of cartels and collusion by private corporations.

Basson, Bosasa, Journalistic Ethics & Media Cabal

When UnCensored first saw the video of Angelo Agrizzi’s racist rant, we wanted to have it authenticated. It was given to us by someone we know and trust. But having checked that video, it turned out to be fake.

UnCensored later received the authenticated version, which we have now confirmed was the same version sent to City Press. When City Press published the story, it stopped just before the recording mentions their boy Basson as someone who visits the racist Agrizzi with his children. Media cabal, collusion and protecting each other, that’s what it is. It goes back to this silence that has enveloped Basson’s confession.

Basson at Centre of Bosasa Regime Change/Hostile Take Over

Several recordings we have published talk about the former Bosasa employees who, having been caught looting the company want to return. In all these conversations, is how the company can address reputational damage of a negative media campaign lodged by Agrizzi. Adriaan Basson is at it’s centre. He published articles against Bosasa and he can “fix” it, Agrizzi claims.

Adriaan Basson collaborated with Malema to bring-down Jacob Zuma’s regime but more importantly is that the media vultures are now circling Malema and doing everything to bring him down. Only a fool cannot see this is the same strategy they used against Zuma. Despite the litany of corruption charges against Zuma, the role of the media is not to interfere in  world events as they unfold, theirs is to tell the story, accurately and in a fair and balanced way. And the reader, the citizen, will decide for themselves whether they are tired of Zuma or not.

Many say Malema deserves it. The jury is out if he will sustain the fight which has become very personal, even divulging the address where his wife supposedly lives.

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