A Billionaire From A Shithole Tells Racist Trump Africa Loves Him

By Pinky Khoabane

JUST over a year ago US President Donald Trump unleashed a description which dominated newspaper headlines about countries he ranked useless – shithole countries he called them. They included Haiti, El Salvadore and several African states. It was on January 11 2018 during a discussion with senators about immigration policies to protect immigrants from these countries. 

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump is said to have asked. He went further and suggested that the US should rather take in immigrants from great European countries like Norway and Asian countries. Trump had therefore placed a hierarchical importance of some countries over others, based on race – Europe, Asia and the rest as shitholes. 

In Davos, a billionaire by the name of Patrice Motsepe from the shithole continent took it upon himself to lie to Trump about Africa’s love for him. 

“All I wanted to say is that Africa loves America. Africa loves you….

“We want America to do well, we want you to do well. The success of America is the success of the rest of the world.”
Really? Where does Motsepe get this and which Africa is he talking about? 
In an earlier post here on UnCensored, Robert Reich speaks of Davos being the source of all our ills. This is not only a meeting place of politicians and the elite who have abused their power not only from fuelling inequality but the breeding ground of corruption between businessmen who buy politicians to secure favours in order to extend their ill-gotten wealth. 
Motsepe, small fry compared to some of the businessmen Trump hangs around with, found the occasion of sitting with a president of one of the most powerful nations, no matter what a moron and racist he is, just too overwhelming. Motsepe had to say something to boost Trump’s ego in the hope of an everlasting impact of what little memory Trump has. In his moment of star-struckdom by an authoritarian fascist, he had to forgo not only his dignity but that of an entire continent. 
Motsepe has boosted his image by bringing out “stars” to South Africa no matter how ill-conceived and controversial they might be. Bringing Barack Obama to speak at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture despite him (Obama) being the administration that killed the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddaffi – a dear comrade of President Mandela – was such one such example. Frankly, he lacks any inkling of morality and those he surrounds himself with would rather seek “stars” no matter how disgraceful their conduct. 


Motsepe not only bank-rolled The Global Citizen Festival Concert but he also pledged around R3.5bn towards land reform. The question is: how much was raised at that concert, how much was put towards land reform.

Many of the questions around Motsepe’s philanthropy are not followed up. And this claim that Africa loves Trump has reminded some of us of his previous events in the name of doing good for South Africans and we shall certainly follow up on what happened to the funds of The Global Festival Concert?



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  1. He (Motsepe) displayed that white arrogance that makes them believe they are superior logic and can speak on behalf of a people.

  2. There are so many people who believe to have the rights to insult Africa and Africans at any time! We must tell them that without Africa, they can’t go anywhere, they even know it. African Leaders must change they mentality. Instead of attending any kind of Summit Worldwide, they need to think about the wealth and the protection of Africans.

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