365 Years OF SA Economic Slavery

By Adil Nchabeleng


A SAVE-SA supporter on the eve of the SHUTDOWN march

Friday 7th April 2017 SHUTDOWN march which started at the Church Square (Head Quarters of Treasury) and proceeded to the Union building, marked the turning point in SA history post 1994 elections. What appeared to be a march was in fact a ritual to commemorate the end of the 365 years of Colonial rule cycle and the beginning of a new Colonial Era for South Africa. South Africa was colonized through occupation and settlers taking land in 1652 upon their arrival.

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  1. I always appreciate articles that teach me something; just a question on the constitution’s S25.2(a) – what could qualify as public interest? if the poor were to take up arms demanding property or else people start dying, is that sufficient?
    Why are we always told about the ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ model, when it clearly states courts can decide what amount may be paid?

    1. Dear Sipho

      I’ve sent your comment to the author and hopefully he can shed some light or one of the other readers can do same.



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