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    Please Support UnCensored & Keep Alternative Voices Alive

    Dear Reader UnCensored is an independent online news platform that provides investigative journalism, news largely ignored by establishment media and…
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    African Praise Poetry Series: Morena e Moholo Moshoeshoe 1, Morena Oa Basotho

    We recently published the African tradition of story tellers, historians and history repositories of society. I recently discovered a website…
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    This badass queen took revenge on Ethiopia in 960 AD for chopping off her breasts

    The Kingdom of Axum, in modern-day Ethiopia, existed from 100AD to around 970Ad. It was among one of the prosperous kingdoms until…
    1 day ago

    Shaka’s Rise From An Unwanted Son To A Great King

    Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was one of the most influential monarchs of the Zulu Kingdom A European’s…
    2 days ago

    Who’s Been Making Money Off Marijuana?

    This past week the Constitutional Court passed a decision to legalise the drug for private and for personal use. But who’s…