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Why Molefe is a threat

Pinky Khoabane argues Eskom’s Brian Molefe is rattling the white established coal mining sector….

Eskom’s CEO, Brian Molefe is under fire from Treasury and the chattering classes. What sin has he committed? He’s simply debunked the narrative associating black people with incompetence and corruption and for this he must be vilified.

More importantly, Molefe is not prepared to continue what the power utility’s chairman, Ben Ngubane, called the extortion of Eskom by white-owned coalmines which signed 40-year contracts during apartheid and at exorbitant rates. He’s rattling white monopoly capital and like everyone who has done so, he will be crucified. The top

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  1. BRICS and Guptas are the new kids in the block that are threatening the West and its allies in controlling SA.Many, if not All Governments states in the world are controlled by wealthy Businesses-Presidents are just CEOs of states.Look at the Power Elite- the USA Bilderberg Group; Council of Foreign Relation; Trileteral Commission and its members? Now the Rupert and the Oppenheimers- who benefit from these companies? Check the SAVE SA members-The very noise makers crying for spilted milk-why are they numb on what is recoverable from the white monopolies?
    PK,thanks for the enlightenment.

  2. This is an honest article.The targeting of Eskom by white monopoly capital demonstrates that South Africa is NOT captured by the Guptas;instead the country is captured by white monopoly capital which is also looting the countries SOEs in the name of “doing good” business in SA.

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