Why Is Establishment Media Unhappy With Land Expropriation?

The Reaction In Tweets

WILL the ANC NEC decision to expropriate land without compensation break the cosy relations President Cyril Ramaphosa has had with established media? They certainly weren’t happy to hear that the ANC would move to amend the constitution to expropriate land without compensation. In a tactic akin to Stratcom, the apartheid-era disinformation campaign machinery, established media pundits are creating so much smoke we can barely see the mirrors. What exactly are they unhappy about and why? The answer lies in the fact that the media are not a disinterested party that simply reports on news – they represent powerful economic interests who will not be happy with land expropriation without compensation – and what better way to use their appendages to begin to sow unhappiness among citizens and set in motion an agenda against the policy.

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