Western Scholars Now Agree Africa Is The Cradle Of Humanity

By Sam Ditshego

Those not familiar with the debate on the origin of humanity conducted through palaeontological, archaeological and anthropological studies over the past few years should not be deceived into believing that the recent revelations in some articles in western publications that Africa was the cradle of humanity were new. When Africans posit through their studies that Africa was the cradle of humanity and of civilisation it is rejected but it is accepted when Europeans or whites hypothesise that Africa is the birthplace of humanity. What Europeans or whites still don’t want to accept is that Africa was also the cradle of civilisation. They prefer the theory that Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilisation which is not borne out by evidence. They date Mesopotamian civilisation to 6000 BCE and Egyptian civilisation to 5000 BCE. Egyptian civilisation as I have argued before antedated Mesopotamian or Sumerian civilisations by thousands of years.

Through his painstaking research in his interdisciplinary scholarship, Dr Cheikh Anta Diop has done remarkably well in placing the origin of humanity on the African continent. Dr Diop said not only was Africa the cradle of humanity but was also the cradle of civilisation. When he first submitted his research findings in his doctorate thesis in the 1950’s at the Sorbonne University in France they were met with opposition and rejected. His thesis that Egypt/Kemet was the cradle of civilisation was accepted in 1960 and he received a D.Lit. degree. Dr Diop had five PhD’s and the University of Senegal was named after him. Diop had gone to study in France in the mid 1940’s.

I have reviewed several of Dr Diop’s books from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s for Botswana’s Mmegi weekly newspaper and other publications. I have written about Diop in the Independent and Independent newspapers

Diop’s books should be required reading in our schools and universities.

Review of Cheikh Anta Diop’s Race and History: Origin of Humanity and Racial Differentiation

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop begins the first chapter of Civilization or Barbarism with the European palaeontologist Dr. Louis Leakey’s scientific discoveries that place the birthplace of humanity in Africa (East Africa specifically). He outlines two points that he believe have not been articulated clearly in history or contemporary discourse. One is that for all life born near and around the equator would have required a darker tint (Black skin) or pigment because of the climate. The second point he makes is that all other races are derivatives of the Black race and that all other continents were first populated by Africans.

By referring to the ancient artwork, cave paintings in East Africa, and the oldest mine in the world, Dr. Diop is able to prove that the first Black, “who went out to populate the rest of the world exited Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar.” Dr. Diop explained that the radioactive dating methods that examine the age of ancient artefacts have “allowed science to make great progress and thereby disparage the dogmatism that prevailed not long ago in this domain.” It is real science that is able to uncover the history that has been intentionally covered up and left out the text books. Proving that the old proverb, “what is done in the dark will soon come to light” is as true today as it was then.

Dr. Diop argues that the “first inhabitant of Europe was a migrating Black: the Grimaldi Man.” Dr. Diop argues that the normative beliefs of Africa as backward has prevented the world from accepting the truth about world history. Dr. Diop argues that racial differentiation occurred in Europe during the last ice age. Dr. Diop and other scientist are able to make these claims because of the evidence of the early stone industry developed in ancient Europe. This stone industry was found and dates back to the European Upper Palaeolithic period called Aurignacian industry. According to Dr. Diop, “some believed they saw in Lower Perigordian a strictly European industry anterior to the previous one, whose creator would have been truly indigenous to Europe, as opposed to the Grimaldi Black invader. This refers to the Combe Capelle Man.” Dr. Diop argues that the Combe Capelle Man “is as typical Black as the Grimaldi Man himself and that both individuals belong to the same anthropological type.”

Dr. Diop’s position is clear then, the Grimaldi Man influenced all other early human ancestors all over Europe and Asia. Dr. Diop states, “There is no other variety of Homo sapiens that precedes the Grimaldi Negroid in Europe or Asia.” He goes on to argue that, “the first white appeared only around 20,000 years ago; the Cro-Magnon Man.” Dr. Diop explains that the Cro- Magnon man is an extension of the Grimaldi Man but as a result of living in the glacial climates of Europe eventually lost their pigment and developed the Cro- Magnon Man. The same events produced the Asian is the descendant of what Dr. Diop refers to as the “Chancelade Man” who first appeared during the Reindeer period about 15,000 years ago. Dr. Diop states, “Thus humanity was born in Africa and differentiated itself into several races in Europe, where the climate was sufficiently cold at the end of the Wurmian glaciation.”

Dr. Diop posits that modern science denial of race and the advancing of the theory of differing populations worked to establish a racist European ideology. This ideology sought to deny race and as a result re-write history.  Despite the politics, history shows many European historians who speak to the origins of life and civilization beginning in Africa, with Africans. Dr. Diop explains that the Palaeolithic period took place in the Nile Valley, populated by the Africans for hundreds of thousands of years until invasion/introductions of other people. Using the tomb of Ramses the III, which depicts the genetic table of races, proves that the Egyptian perceived themselves as Blacks. According to the tombs, artefacts and ruins, the Egyptians used no divisions to distinguish themselves from other Africans. They thought of themselves as African or as Dr. Diop writes, “they belonged to the same ethnic universe.”

Review of Cheikh Anta Diop’s Race and History: Origin of Humanity and Racial Differentiation is from King Kemet of March 18 2016.

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