Threats To Close-Down UnCensored Unless Articles On DA’s Simon Lapping Are Removed

By Pinky Khoabane


DA’s Councillor Simon Lapping

A gmail account user with the name “Anti-Deformation”  has sent an email with the subject matter: Simon Lapping, in which s/he threatens to shut-down UnCensored by the end of the week if we do not remove articles about the money that FNB wiped-off from Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Simon Lapping’s bank accounts. The articles are based on an affidavit written in 2015 and signed by Lapping, in which he outlines events that led to a meeting between Lapping and now FNB CEO Jacques Celliers where the latter offered the former “R100,000 to go away”. In a telephonic conversation with Lapping last year, he confirmed the authenticity of the affidavit.

The articles were published months back and besides an attempt by Lapping through lawyers, to gag Nico Niemand, for whom Lapping had written the affidavit, we here at UnCensored have not received any gagging orders until this morning when the user, clearly writing in Lapping’s favour, sent us the email. FNB when contacted last year, refuted any wrong-doing and said this was a normal transaction, details of which it would not disclose.

This is how it all started.

Lapping was in trouble financially at the time and owed FNB on his credit card and overdraft facility. In the affidavit and in the telephone conversation, he said he was being “harassed” daily by FNB debt collectors (BDM) and he eventually sent FNB’s then CEO Michael Jordan an email  “threatening to obtain his personal details and to begin threatening him if the harassment from BDM did not stop.

In the affidavit he writes: “The same afternoon I received a call from Mr Jacque Cilliers (sic), CEO of FNB Credit Card. He requested a meeting. I agreed to meet with him.

“I went through to Bank City in Johannesburg the following morning to meet with Mr Cilliers. There was (sic) about five people. Mr Cilliers, an Indian Lady (their “legal” person), Darryl (surname I cannot recall) and another person who was there briefly”.

In the meeting, Lapping detailed the harassment by FNB and that their use of Non Authentic Early Debit Order (NAEDO) to “grab money” without an authorised debit order as an unacceptable practice. “Mr Cilliers (sic) response was. ‘I will give you R100 000 to go away’.”

This according to Lappin is what FNB offered him

  • He says his credit card and overdraft were cancelled and he was given R3,500.
  • Lapping was going through a divorce and it was decided to wait until it had been concluded. FNB began processes to ensure that a property he owned with his wife would be put in his name to the amount of R155,000.00. “As per divorce agreement I would get my ex-wife’s half share of a property we owned. FNB Homeloans began the process, which I might add they were completely out of their depth. I complained to Dawn Smith about the sheer incompetence….and he set up a new one point liaison for me,” the affidavit reads.
  • “Around September 2011, the property was transferred into my name with a new bond of R155,000 (quite good for someone with no job, income etc). My outstanding balance was about R125,000. A month later in the beginning of October, I paid R2800 into this bond, the only payment I ever made. A few days later, a mysterious amount of R150,000 was paid into my bond therefore leaving me with a credit of approximately R30,000,”

It’s important to note that FNB did not refute Lappin’s claims of the amounts but said they could not disclose details of the transactions.

Here’s the Email with Threats To Shut Us Down

Several posts and articles on your website contain offensive, defamatory and have been clearly posted in an attempt to defame the character of Simon Lapping.with the subject Simon Lapping,  from  threatened to have UnCensored shut down if we do not remove articles involving him and the money FNB wiped-off his home loan and credit cards in what he declared in affidavit, was part of the negotiations in which FNB CEO said: ‘I will give you R100 000 to go away’.”

 This is evident in posts that have no relationship to the topic of Simon lapping actually brining his name into the article as an example of criminal activity.

 The implication that Simon Lapping is a criminal is evident from the wording, but has ZERO basis in fact.

 There are no criminal charges against him, nor have any allegations made on your site proven on any forum.

 This offensive and defamatory material is unlawful, and is required to be removed by yourself.

 Please also take note that the content on your website is in breach of the “Protection of Personal Information Act”, each of the articles listed bellow contain Personal

Information of Simon Lapping, this information as deemed by the act is personal.

 If this has not been removed by the end of the week, further steps will be taken to ensure that the various internet regulatory bodies address the issue,

And your non-compliance with this request will be submitted to both hetzner (your Host) and ISPA the governing body to issue a take down notice”.

Our Response To The Author

  • Specify which sentences are defamatory and why
  • Specify which parts of the articles violate the Protection of Personal Information Act and why
  • Once we received the specific details, we shall consider the request

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  1. Preposterous indeed. I find uncensored very informative. Can we please have a monthly subscription please

    1. Whites no how to keep us busy I swear. I would have liked to write about the DA that has infiltrated media. But I will still do it when Im done with dealing with this issue.

  2. Pinky and Team,
    I just love your work. Keep going. I just wish there was a way we could get your stories in the limelight, you know like ‘The Guptas’. We were fed this until we believed it and now the political landscape has transformed to suit the masters. I loved ANN7 but that too now will be gone soon. PowerFm was my hope too over that other radio station but they too seem to be becoming like the other black-bashing radio station. So Uncensored is our last hope in getting the other side of the story.

    1. Thanks Buhle for your kind words. We are looking at ways of generating self-sustainability but you see what those who say they protect democracy do – when it doesnt suit them then they threaten to close-down voices that do go along with them. Cyber attacks are the usual norm for us but then there’s this outright bullying.

  3. Leadership! Love how you clap back. hahaha, they will feel the heat. No turning back here. You are here to share the truth. Love your spirit. Keep up the good work.

    1. We wont be intimidated. We didnt offer the money. We didnt write the affidavit. They must deal with the criminality involved in this story and stop trying to shut us down.

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