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The more things change the more they stay the same – Apartheid-style policing of Blacks alive & well

Mxolisi ka Nkomonde says apartheid policing of Black people alive and well and in today’s world it poses as the rule of law, anti-corruption, transparency, antigovernment litigation and investigative journalism. Catch him on Twitter @MxolisiBob

Apartheid in South Africa has morphed itself into various forms of “subtle“ institutional racism ranging from the escalation of security complexes and exposing personal details of Blacks as a mutation of the “pencil test”.

The concentration of media control in South Africa creates a situation whereby it uses its position to sell particular narratives about Black people as “corrupt”, ”backward” and “cannot govern”. This Apartheid style reporting

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  1. The racist orientated politicking is hell-bent on destroying the people’s struggle against racism and colonialism . The DA is the main party and of course EFF determined to destroy people’s struggle.They making use of media which is determined to discredit our struggle and a better life for all.

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