Systematic attempt to steal Eskom

The Maytrix

For a number of years Barclays saw a significant share of its global profits come from its South African

operations through Absa. Other banks such as Investec have been so profitable that executives like

Hendrik Du Toit command income of R78 million in the 2015 financial year. It isn’t just the

financial services sector that has boasted such impressive figures for shareholders. Alan Clark of

SABMiller earned around R150 million in the same year. Whitey Basson has attracted the wrath of

unions over his multi-million rand earnings in the retail sector. South African private sector has done

very well financially. So when a sector that

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  1. Hmmmm interesting facts.That’s is why the President is placing a firm hand on SOEs they are really under seige and cabinet Ministers like Pravin Gordan will willingly sell national assets to their white monopoly acquaintances.

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