Smear Campaigns Will Haunt ANC Come 2019

By Pinky Khoabane


There’s a seriously damaging smear campaign waged by both leading contenders in the lead-up to the ANC presidential race, which sadly, will come to haunt the ruling party come 2019 elections.

Factions within the ANC are so inwardly focussed at the moment that they simply think they must expose and even concoct stories to bring each side down. The ANC preaches unity in the name of Oliver Tambo but the conduct is far from it. It’s not difficult to see that the events staged in his name are factional. Even ANC members attend the events based on which slate or faction is leading those events. It is sad that a man who the movement has identified as a symbol for unity is being so abused.

While this in my view could be perceived, rightly or wrongly so, as part of campaigning, it is the ruthless and malicious stories that emanate from both camps in the attempt to win the hearts and minds of the ANC faithful come December 2017 that are troubling. It is to me, so short sighted that the winner will emerge with much to do in the face of what will be a gruelling opposition in the lead-up to 2019.

This leader will not only have to face stories from white monopoly capital media, true or devoid of it, but will also have to face those generated by the representatives of the party itself. Frankly this is what some of us call own goals.

Last week, we published a refutal by Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of accusations she had received money from the Guptas and this week, its Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on allegations of anti-competitive behaviour.

“Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has noted several inaccuracies in an article published today, 25 October 2017 in Business Day newspaper, titled ‘Cyril Ramaphosa in firing line in latest probe request’.

The article reports on a complaint to the Competition Commission that “implicates Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Shanduka Trust”. It states later that the complaint lists Shanduka Coal, “in which Ramaphosa held an interest in trust”.

We wish to put the following on record:

– Deputy President Ramaphosa disposed of his stake in Shanduka Group in November 2014, including all of Shanduka’s mining assets and investments in other ‘regulated’ sectors.
– He does not have an interest in Shanduka Coal or in any mining assets, either in a trust or in any other form.
– The Deputy President is not aware of any entity known as Shanduka Trust.

The Deputy President reaffirms his view that any credible allegations of uncompetitive behaviour should be thoroughly investigated and those responsible held to account”.

The ANC is 105 years old and needs to show there’s something more to all those years than sheer power mongering. What some say is Wisdom.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with you Sis PK.

    I also worried about this smear campaigns to the effect that the person who finally wins In 2019, will be highly crippled by the time they become President.

    Not only that, they will inherit a new Precedent of ANC members who are NOW free to criticise the ANC and it’s leaders openly in the media.

    They enjoy doing it now but it will haunt them big time.

    As for the Shanduka story, Ramaphosa’s shares are reported to be held in A BLIND TRUST.

    Now a Blind Trust is just a Technical manoeuvre.

    It’s not like those shares benefit someone else except Ramaphosa or his family.

    Unless if the Blind Trust story is also concocted.

  2. Since 1652 when the Dutch settlers arrived to the 1820s arrival of british settler.

    We the natives of this country became a case study to them, they analyzed us, our thinking ability & our gullibility, they concluded we were nothing but barbarians that believed anything they told us.

    They concluded bringing us into their religion was the best way to manipulate & exploit us, and in the end we became more holier than they ever imagined.

    We started seeing these people as God chosen nation!

    That mentality lives on, within us to date, whatever smear campaign they throw at us we believe!

    Yes the smear campaign narrative of the Guptas as being the only orchestrators and beneficiaries of state capture and their association to President Jacob Zuma and his family, including Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has taken such a hold that most of our people have begun to accept the narrative.

    The content of Guptas leaked emails remain a propaganda till proven factual, which has not yet happened.

    To prove these emails to be factual is not limited to a commission of inquiry, those that have the evidence must present it the law-enforcement, which also has not happened!

    But we continue to believe in fake news orchestrated by the white media,even if it makes no logic sense. The question we should ask ourselves is why?

  3. The Dirtiest Campaign Tricks

    A smear campaign, also referred to as a smear tactic is nothing more than an effort to damage or call into question someone’s reputation,by pro pounding negative propaganda,thereforeit should not have a long term effect, unless its factual, then the candidate needs to throw in the towel for the sake of the party

    1. I disagree with the author that the lies dont have longevity. We have written at length here on the manufactured consent and how lies are promoted in commercial news media to a point that the citizenry believe in it and act on it. The war waged as we’ve seen is on the economic, socio-political and media front – it is intense.
      The narrative of the Guptas being the only orchestrators and beneficiaries of state capture and their association to President Jacob Zuma and his family, including Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has taken such a hold that some of the most loyal people to JZ I know have begun to accept the narrative. Far afield we see the events of the coup in Brazil and other countries who want financial freedom from the Washington Consensus.
      The article I noted was written in 2012 – the world and propaganda machinery has changed drastically – the results of the US presidential election stand as a stark reminder of the dirty tricks of modern day politics.

      1. I also disagree with the author on certain aspects.

        I posted the link purely so that we all understand that Smear Campaigns are not limited to the Anc but are historical traditional dirty political tool used throughout the world.

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