Rupert has captured the country



Just yesterday, UnCensored showed the links between Johann Rupert and two of democratic South Africa’s most powerful couple in the financial sector; Chief Executive Officer of Barclays Africa, Maria Ramos, and husband and former finance minister, Trevor Manuel.

South Africa's Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel.
South Africa’s Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel.

The man captured them while at Treasury and it makes sense why deals with Barclays in sale of ABSA probably went ahead despite links with apartheid. Manuel’s silence regarding the repayment of gifts in the region of R10bn to ABSA, Sanlam and Rembro by the SA Reserve Bank is now becoming clear.

His wife sits on the boards of many of Rupert’s business dynasty. He also has links with the Rothchilds dynasty which employed Manuel after his tenure as South Africa’s finance minister.

Today, UnCensored brings you https://t.co/Lhz1rCnve9 courtesy of Medialternatives. The Media cartel of Ruptert, Moolman, Stofberg & Bekker.


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