With “The President’s Keepers” Sold Out & Having Gone Viral On Social Media, SSA’s Bid Is Too Late

 “The President’s Keepers” was published this past Monday and the South African Agency (SSA) sent a letter to NB Publishers dated 1 November 2017  for the book to be removed from the shelves.
The Publishers only posted their receipt of the letter yesterday:
Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 9.58.00 AM
The book has been sold out and has already gone viral on social media Whatsapp. This therefore begs the question: Why did SSA take so long to prohibit the distribution of the book and, would a court declaration if it were to be granted, make any difference to the reasons they posit in their cease-and-desist demand?
I say not at all. The State secrets to which they refer in their letter are already known and the identities of the agents revealed. The letter also mentions inaccuracies in the book which the parties concerned will need to find other remedies and these could include defamatory lawsuits. Hopefully within the court system those inaccuracies would be cleared.
The simple fact of the matter is that you cant prohibit what has already happened. The book was reviewed in a Sunday Times front page and SSA should have on that day tried to halt the distribution of the book. It didn’t. As we say in street lingo, walala wa sala.
The President’s Keepers alleges among others, that Zuma received monthly payments of R1m from controversial tender mogul Roy Moodley without declaring it to the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

SARS said on Friday that it was considering taking action.

 The letter from SSA’s lawyers reads, in part:  “Noting your admission that you did not seek the views of the people apparently implicated, it is not surprising that this book is replete with inaccuracies. We record that it is the duty of the author, editor, and publisher to ensure the accuracy thereof…..
“…we record that the book contains parts that are in contravention of the Intelligence Service Act of 2002. As our client is constitutionally mandated to ensure the security of the State and protect the identity of its members and agents, it has a duty to act in instances where such security is breached either by disclosure of its legitimate operational methods, classified documents, as well as the identity of its agents….
“While our client notes the inaccuracies contained in the book, it is more concerned with those parts which are of criminal nature and constitute a violation of the relevant intelligence statutes and thus compromise the security of the State. Among other things, our client is concerned with the following parts, which are either criminal or in violation of the Intelligence Services Act or any other legislation:
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Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 9.38.09 AM
Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 9.38.31 AM
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  1. SSA needs to take lessons from the DA in terms of speed in court applications.

    They are excellent in this area! But then again maybe they have the judiciary captured to their tunes.

    Every so called urgent application they lodge is accepted while others are thrown out.

    We have many challenges in this country. Until such time our politicians wake up & smell the coffee & amend the constitution!

  2. Its only the United State of America`s constitution that has this Illegal provision (hidden) part of Article 2 section 5

    Which gives the vice president power to appoint an agent of unknown identity for the purpose defending the republic in the time of dire peril.

    Its an illegal but vital part of the constitution to protect the country & its citizen in extra ordinary circumstances against all enemies. Domestic or foreign

    That’s the reason their intelligent CIA can do anything & get away with it!

  3. The very goal of state security agency or intelligence agency is to protect the State from all threats including protecting the brand SA. That the book went through several processes to be published and printed by a printing house without being detected by the SSA says so much about the quality and effectiveness of our intelligence architecture. If the publishing of such treasonous book could slip through our intelligence networks then it means SA is highly exposed. Perhaps it is time to set up a commission to investigate the effectiveness of state security agencies in protecting the country from all kinds of threats and harm both domestic and external.

    1. You captured it succinctly Kwame. There is a problem in the security cluster which needs a thorough investigation.

    2. Hey guys let’s get real here & be realistic.

      We all know that there are too many protections in the constitution, freedom of this & that, any action prior to release would have been construed to be an intimidation & violation

      I have already concurred that 3-4 days was too long for action to have been taken.

  4. There is this misconception that the loyalties of state security cluster to the President of the country is limited to south africa and more specific to JZ.

    This is norm through out the world!

    A President is chief commander of the country’s security cluster, therefore only loyal people should be there, otherwise his command would not be adhered to during crucial times.

    Also the prevention of coups is the other factor.

    So when jacque Pauw refers to SSA as President Keepers, he’s correct they should be!

    In the US the FBI & CIA are called the President`s Men.

  5. I fully agree with you PK.
    The unaware, reactive and unconcerned attitude of State Security Cluster Departments is worrying.
    I think Zimbabwean intelligence is far better than ours.
    Remember when Mr Thatcher and his group were enroute to Guinea to overthrow the democratic government there?
    They were caught in Zimbabwe having gone past South Africa. Where was the South African Intelligence?
    That is why they could not overthrow Mugabe’s Government, no matter how hard they tried.
    The problem here is, We trust people who should not be trusted. We trust Racist Whites who are working day and night to get ways of oppressing and hurting black people.
    And we are timid in dealing with these characters decisively.
    This Jacques Pauw guy is working for the SABC which is supposed to be a National Broadcaster and occupying one of Senior Editorial positions there.
    For him to have gone all out and author a book full of lies about the president shows how much he hates this government and if this country was governed by the DA, he would have been out of the SABC by now.
    Mugabe is dealing decisively with Regime Change Agents. That is his strength.
    Imagine how much damage has this guy already done by feeding sensitive government information to his Regime Change Masters from the West?
    No wonder the vigorous Kangaroo Court prosecution of Hlaudi Motsoening. He was being pushed so that space for the likes of Jacques Pauw and his ilk can be created.
    You look at SABC news now. It is plain WMC Fake News which is pushing Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential campaign.
    This Jacques Pauw guy must be removed from SABC.
    SABC is a Public Broadcaster which should broadcast balanced and truthful news without fear or favour. With the Jacques Pauws of this world around, SABC will never achieve that.
    And the State Security Agency must take this guy to court.
    If found guilty he must be locked up and his book banned.
    This is highly treasonous.
    It must be established who was feeding him with confidential tax matters of other individuals.
    The SARS Rogue Unit?

    1. I dont know that Jacques Pauw is still at SABC. I may be wrong.
      Isn’t it under under our intelligence minister that his wife was found to be busy with a drug dealer?
      State security in this country is completely non-existent – sadly the ANC has become too inwardly focused that there is a bigger focus on infighting than looking out at the enemy.

      1. I concur with Mzi, we have lots to learn from Mugabe in terms acting decisively & timeously.

        Sadly our security cluster & crime prevention Ministries (Ssa&Saps) are infested with factions, not from now, but since the dawn of our democracy, Its a vicious circle of power struggles, rather than focusing on their tasks

  6. I love the way the President responded in Parliament.

    The fact of the matter is:Zuma is a Brand and that Brand sells.

    In the near past it used to be every Tom dick and Harry writing about Mandela because the Mandela name sold a lot. Now it’s the Zuma name. From Newspapers to Books.

    And the gullible will believe Jacques Paw’s Book.

    To Jacques, it’s just business.

    It’s just choosing a selling story and putting it into a book.

  7. I fully agree with you Sis PK.

    I saw this as a window dressing exercise. To be seen to be doing something when in fact they are not.

    Someone already sent me a pdf on whatsupp and I asked him if he really believes the garbage alledged in the Book especially during ELECTION TIME.

  8. Yes indeed!

    Conspiracy & propaganda content of this book is already out there in the public domain via social media.

    Should that be construed to be little too late to challenge it and recall it?

    “Definitely not”

    All these allegations made in this book by the reactionary forces are false, as all of them have been tested.

    1. The reaction of SSA 3 or 4 days later leaves much to be desired. That is my point. Why opt for the tougher option of now negating what is in the public domain and not ensuring it doesn’t end up there in the first place. Continued Government own goals – which we must acknowledge and accept.

      1. Eish you can say that again about own goals.

        But I also think there are those within SSA who allow deliberate leaks and then come out to try and safe face.

        1. Kobedi I think this was a deliberate “mishap”. Such is the factions in government and ANC, there are those in SSA who will belong to a faction which will be happy, rightly or wrongly, with or without the evidence, for the information to come out. I mean the time lapse between the publication of the reviews in Sunday Times and issuing the letter prohibiting distribution of the book are telling. And why not go to court as anybody who wants to interdict a publication will do – if they are not the Mandela name that is?

      2. Yes you correct Pk prevention is always better than cure.

        Currently the same author is offering money to people within the Intel, to access certain reports that are purported to support the propaganda, there are no such reports as all were tested & proven to be false.

        1. This book is about war declared on Ssa

          by Ex Sars Rogue Unit in concert with certain members of the tobacco Task Team.

          1. I was just about to answer Mzi on the Rogue Unit. The tapes were made by Sars Rogue Unit and have now been leaked to Jacques Pauw to write the book. It’s no wonder Aggliotti said it has been written by Johann van Loggerenberg. Im still curious about the KPMG snubbing him though.

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