OPEN LETTER: Mr Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO, Please Help Me

By Nicky Day-Anderson

FNB CEO Jacques CelliersI am turning to you as the CEO of FNB as a last resort due it being most apparent that your staff refuse to assist nor listen to reason. In 2005 I was duped into converting my home loan from ABSA bank to FNB One Account by one of your reps, much to my bitter regret today. From the onset there was problems with the handling of this account and after my boyfriend committed suicide I ran into financial difficulty and toward the end of 2005 the house was placed under auction and the bond amount was recovered. If I remember correctly, it was something in the region of R854, 000.00 they got for the house. I was not given final details.

Toward the end of 2015 I started receiving smses (with smiley faces to boot) from FNB requesting payment on my “Residual Loan Account”. Not knowing what this was all about and believing it to be a ruse, I simply deleted the messages – I never knew banks communicated in this way in any case. During the course of last year I started receiving phone calls from various “lawyers” demanding that I pay this “Residual” amount which then was somewhere in the region of R640, 000.00 to which I responded that I had no idea what they were talking about and how can they possibly conjure up this account more than 10 years AFTER auctioning the house off. I furthermore advised them and sent them an affidavit stating that I have no knowledge of this account and do not have the financial means at almost 60 years of age to suddenly be confronted with such a bill and demanding I repay it. I barely sc**** through on the little bit I make every month caring for children.

Now, to add further insult to my already dire situation regarding this “account”, I signed up with ClearScore to see my credit rating as I needed to make a loan of R2, 000.00 to purchase a second hand stove and to my utter shock and dismay your bank has BLACKLISTED me – really? This without my knowledge, consent, nothing!

This is the information they have put on Experian which is absolutely unbelievable. I have no documents, nothing pertaining to this “account” except the smses sent that I duly deleted after telling them that I do not owe them money. This is the information I found on ClearScore ( you will note on ClearScore the following – You have no mortgages on your credit report)

BALANCE : R910, 494
ACCOUNT NR : ********** 916403

So, if I have no mortgages on my credit report, what in the world is this FNB account in aid of?

Mr. Celliers the entire South Africa is aware that you are a man of integrity and your profile speaks volumes when it comes to fairness and honesty but can you please explain to me how fair and how just is this blatant abuse of power by FNB to blacken my name after all these years with no due cause or reason. I cannot afford to pay any accounts which is why I do not have a single account and now this – please assist in correcting this as a matter of urgency. I do not want to resort going public with this matter but I will do what it takes to clear this off my name and if for some crazy reason I do owe you this money then I am afraid there is no way that I have the means to pay it back, not at my age and not with my measly income.

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  1. I am totally frustrated with FNB being a new client this has left a bad taste in my mouth.
    I retracted my Debt review in 2012 with FNB being one of my creditors. They were paid off and to date I am still on their system has been under debt riew.

    The Debt Counsellor Andrew Pinto has said today – 15/3/2019 – he will try and assist me regarding this matter.

    Who is at fault here? FNB or the Debt Counsellor.

    My name is blacklisted and has been since 2012 and no-one seems to care.

    FNB’s case with regards to this matter opened on the 5th March 2019 and here we sit the 15th March 2019 with both FNB and debt counsellor not giving two sh*ts.

  2. I’m so tired off not getting help from Fnb yet I been with this bank for a number off years, the call centre is getting bad to worst…I don’t know where else to seek for help.i feel like moving my money to nedbank cause they always willing to help!!!

      Dear Kalson
      While we understand the frustration, we are not FNB. I personally believe in the power of the consumer. If FNB isnt working and you say Nedbank is, why don’t you just move your account?

  3. Good day to you.

    I am so frustrated right now.

    Some unknown transaction went througj my account on Saturday the 16th whilst I was at home.

    Today I went to the bank at Galleria Mall for some assistance. We were asked to use the number 0875759404 to log our complaints.
    I waited for like an hour or something without any form of help being offered to us.

    I drove straight to the office to make a call to this number.
    I started dialing and my phone has been on from 10H40 up UNTIL now 13H00 and there is no response.

    I need to transfer my monies to Nedbank maybe I will get what a bank is supposed to offer to its clients.

    1. Eish, Call Centre numbers can keep you on hold forever. While we understand your frustration, we are not a part of FNB and cannot assist you.

  4. Wow that is sad, I feel like FNB is a cruel bank…
    My complaint to Mr CEO JC

    I have had a business account with FNB for 5 years. On Tuesday there was a transaction of the money from my business partner for building material and to pay employees. A bank consultant called my business partner instead of confirming the transaction he asked her how long we know each other and how we met and why she had to deposit such amounts in this business account because this account is a Fraud account. He reserved the money and he told her she must not work with me because my business account is in Jo’burg and she is paying from Durban.

    I went to the FNB manager she said she can’t help ,,,, to my supprise the FNB consultant he froze my business account
    Yesterday for the whole day I was in the bank trying to fix this issue but I didn’t get help till now. I didn’t pay my workers and I didn’t buy material, the account is Frozen, without my concern. I didn’t get any contact from FNB my 5 years banker!!!!!

    1. Nico, it has been a financial and emotional nightmare – with them hounding me and blacklisting me and all kinds of threats so much has gone wrong. One cannot do much nowadays with a poor credit report. They advised a judgement was lifted years ago (I knew nothing of) and then opened another account in my name for this so called “Residual account” and blacklisted me using this new account they made up and no we are talking of almost R1.5 miliion and counting they claim is owing

  5. If were you, I wouldn’t pay a single cent. They can go to hell. These banks are ruthless.

  6. Just an update on their “Residual Loan” account it has now gone up and is standing on over R1.2 million and this increase between October 2017 and March 2018. I was advised that the money owing is mainly interest on this residual loan account.

    1. Wow, the thuggery of banks knows no bounds. I would have thought this debt was long prescribed. I think the prescription period is 3 years. Maybe a lawyer can assist us but I will post what prescription is and so forth, as an article.



    2. you do know about the In Duplum Rule. If not read it up. You cannot may more than double (ie capital plus same amount in interest) back to creditors.

    1. Hi Nico

      I have decided not to publish the contact details here as I might find myself in more hot water. But hopefully there are there on your website.



  7. Please guys provide us with the contact details of this CEO. He needs to take responsibility for his bank’s actions. The only way we can enforce him to do so is through pressure from the public. We should bombard him with emails and let him know what we think about Him and his bank.

  8. To those who hope that the bank will help, forget it. I went thru hell wit them . Read my experience with this scum bank. www. rotten

  9. Banks and auctioneers in South Africa have for the longest time practiced what amounts to expropriation without compensation. I suspect that Blacks more than anyone else bore the brunt of it. Public Protector must step in!!

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