We Need Your Help: Repeat Appeal



UnCensored will be a year old in a few weeks’ time and in that time we’ve enjoyed your company, made friends and enemies, and our computers have been the target.

Sometime at the beginning of the year I had two of my computers hacked and was assisted by a generous friend and reader who lent me a computer.

A contributor who had just begun writing some really beautiful work had his computer hacked.

Another contributor’s old computer has simply given up.

We appeal to anyone who has a laptop which is not in use to please assist us.

We also need need volunteers in these areas:

  • Legal – we need lawyers who can assist in interpreting the many legal cases which have come to dominate our political landscape
  • Research
  • Writers

Thanking you in advance



4 Comments on "We Need Your Help: Repeat Appeal"

  1. Hi Uncensored team, we are most grateful for the impecable insights and expose’s you all have brought to the many South Africans. A lot of work remains… We will continue to support you in other ways.. We need to unite in all respects.

  2. Dumisani Albert Banda | August 6, 2017 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    I would like to offer my services as a writer

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