Mother & Son Capture ANC Branch


Matome Chiloane

Somewhere in Ekurhuleni, East of Johannesburg, is what the African National Congress (ANC) calls a minority branch. These are branches in the previously whites-only (and still white) suburbs. These are branches where Democratic Alliance (DA) dominate. The ANC faithful here are largely domestic workers who see the ANC as their only hope not only against their racist white madam and baas  but as a means by which they can get a “better life”. This constituency, the upper structures of the ANC will tell you are the most important.

So when a mother and son with financial dreams see these vulnerable people, they realise they can use them to leverage their political power which translates to money.

This branch, Ward 18 & 19, has as it’s chairman Matome Chiloane. He’s also the Gauteng ANC Youth League Chairperson. The irony is that his branch doesn’t even have a youth league. His mother, Makwena Mabula, is the Treasurer of the branch. She’s also been the chairperson of the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) for a long time until recently when she decided she would be a secretary. She’s also been the Treasurer of the Zone for a long time until the recent zonal congress where she was elected as an additional member.

These two have used the branch members as their voting fodder to advance their political careers. The Branch Executive Committee (BEC) is made up of people they think they can control and for time immemorial they’ve managed to do so. They will choose people they can control and have one who must actually do the work of the branch.

His inner circle mention plastic bags with money.

Members of the BEC tell tales of how Chiloane and his mother would pick-them-up to go to a congress and be instructed to follow how the he votes – raises his hand – and they must follow suit. His inner circle also speak of how they manipulated membership of the branch. How they hours completing membership forms for people they had never seen at the branch and didn’t know. This inner circle speak of how they would go and pick up people from nearby Thembisa on days where the branch held elections (BBGM). These would be people who would be counted as members and who would then vote for him. There are worse allegations of money in black plastic bags which is used to pay for “membership” and is paid to Chiloane by other ANC leaders for patronage: “Your BEC votes for us at zonal congress and we will vote for you at provincial” – and in those negotiations money is exchanged it is alleged.

There are several members whose membership forms have gone missing over the years – they are the ones who questioned what happens in this branch.  In the latest membership audit done by the ANC for qualification to the national congress, it turned out that the mother, Mabula, had renewed several members’ membership. She did this to ensure she had the minimum number of 50 women to be able to launch the ANCWL. At least one of the people whose membership she renewed now has two membership running concurrently – she also renewed for herself. In a meeting Mabula said she had contacted this member and told her she would renew for her. The member didn’t respond.

There’s one member Mabula called “Le kwerekwere” and tried to remove from the committee to interview candidates for ward councillors. Mabula renewed this membership also.

Disrespect And Insults

If only these two would respect the branch for what it does for their “political” career! No they dont! They humiliate members and hurl insults. This past week, Mabula told members they “could burn in hell”, were “lazy” and had done some “favours by getting them voted in positions”. Frankly, she confessed to what the branch members thought – BEC is rigged and the entire branch is “cooked”.

Khoabane is a BEC Member of Ward 18 & 19


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  1. NDZ is right when she says that, there are people which the ANC cannot move forward with. They must be removed from the ANC. Whether you call it ‘purging’ or whatever. The ANC cannot move forward with this people. They will only destroy and handover it’s carcass to the WMC.
    And a black man will be doomed again. Sold out by his greedy brothers like black people always do.
    Selling out their own for some crumbs to the oppressor.

  2. Unfortunately PK,I think this is what is happening in all ANC Branches. People see ANC Leadership as a means to riches and this, whether you like it or not, is the painful truth which is reigning within the ANC.
    That is why today the ANC is controlled by the Capitalists like Cyril Ramaphosa and his ilk.
    I am member of the Kempton Park branch and I am not going there anymore because I have seen that there are dominant people who are the untouchables and who will do anything to dictate and push their agenda. Whether it benefits the oppressed South African masses or not.
    Most of them are supported by WMC.
    I therefore think the best place to start is to try and identify all WMC surrogates within the organisation, destroy them and their agenda, defeat them and smoke them out of the organisation and the ANC will be strong again and be able to improve the lives of all South Africans as mandated by people because they trust and believe that it can deliver.

    1. Mzi, how do you destroy them if you stay away from the branch. Unfortunately this is how many branches are being run and those with intelligence and who challenge the leadership are constantly isolated and vilified so that they ultimately leave and the rot remains. We cant run away from these people. You must go back to your branch to fight. I know some say it is not worth it – it is ultimately because as you rightly say, the ANC will be giving to WMC on a platter.

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