Manyi, Mngxitama, BLF to sue Sunday Times

By Pinky Khoabane

Dr Johann Rupert

Mzwanele Manyi and Andile Mngxitama of the Decolonisation Foundation (DL) and BlackLandFirst (BLF) respectively, will today seek legal counsel following a report in the Sunday Times yesterday in which it claims, among others, that Oakbay Investment’s public relations company had set-up the two organisations as part of a campaign orchestrated to discredit Johann Rupert.

The article forms part of the smear campaign by commercial media to tarnish those who have been relentless in exposing the corruption by white monopoly capitalists. Yesterday we published an article which exposed the Sunday Times’ protection of Rupert and its attempt to shield his company’s involvement in the SASSA “crisis”.

Until UnCensored uncovered the little-known bank Grindrod in the social grants saga and that it is owned by Rupert, the media had never mentioned it.

The focus had purely and conveniently so, been on Cash Paymaster Services (CPS) and SASSA. It is no coincidence that the Sunday Times chose this week to cleanse it’s master’s image.

Where others have feared to call-out white monopoly capitalists, UnCensored, Black Opinion,  Manyi, Mngxitama, their respective organisations and I have done so, effectively at that.

  • BlackOpinion & UnCensored have reported tirelessly on the CIEX report into apartheid looting. In my personal capacity, I’ve written about the CIEX long before UnCensored came into being.
  • UnCensored uncovered the story of the Oppenheimers who are operating their luxury airport from OR Tambo – a National Key Point. They’ve done this for the past three years while also violating security requirements of National Key Point.
  • BLF has campaigned for the banks which stole the R26bn mentioned in the CIEX report long before Oakbay enlisted the services of the PR company
  • When commercial media reports on the Competition Commission’s fines, they don’t put a face to the corruption. We do. We have identified the crooks and put Rupert’s name to it. We will continue to do so.
  • Decolonisation Foundation exposed irregular deposits into former Treasury’s chief procurement officer Kenneth Brown’s bank account. The media initially accused Manyi of sinister motives but Brown resigned shortly thereafter to join a bank

The latest article in the Sunday Times, whose claims are unsubstantiated, is part of the rehashed story about Guptas buying individuals in a campaign to cleanse their image.

We at UnCensored don’t have the financial muscle to take-on Rupert in the courts but we will not be intimidated by him and his media or anyone else for that matter. We will continue to write without fear. As we’ve shown here this morning, until claims are substantiated they are nothing else but lies



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  1. Thank you. It is high time these crooks are taken to the cleaners. PK we definitely dont have the financial muscle individually but me think collectively we do. Mzwanele and Andile must be supported by us. Keep us posted.

    1. Thank you very much for the support Jannie. We are not afraid of Johann Rupert. We will write and expose him for the crook he is. What is getting Rupert so worked up is that there’s an entire community of people – You, me, Mzwanele, Andile and a whole lot of our readers and followers on social media – who are waking up to commercial media and to Rupert’s thuggish ways.

      In the lead-up to ANC elections this expose of WMC makes it very uncomfortable for some of the candidates. WE must be silenced. Quashed. It wont happen. The horse has bolted.

      Thanks always for your kind words – much appreciated.



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