Manufacturing reality has been the only goal of commercial media

By Pinky Khoabane, catch her on Twitter @pinkykhoabane


The term fake news has become the buzz-word following Hillary Clinton’s defeat and it has reached fever-pitch in recent days. I wrote a piece following the defeat: The folly of a media that takes sides and I made the point that the neo-liberal media, as it did during Brexit, had completely lost touch and wrote about its wishes as those of its reader. It has happened here in South Africa, where newspaper columns were dedicated to how President Jacob Zuma wouldn’t win a second term and

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  1. Thanks PK. I understand.

    Would you join me in Prayer that Mr. Trump will become the sort of Christian that is agreeable to you PK. That is the Prayer I ask you to Pray.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

  2. This is a Great ‘article’ PK, Thank You.

    I am quite sure that our ‘Press’ and our TV does the same as the ‘Press’ and TV do right-around-the-whole-wide-World. Right.

    You topically mention Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post ….

    Re the Elections in the USA this is what I observed; and I believe the same Principal/s apply here in South Africa PK.

    (as a Liberated Democratic Lady; a so-called ‘black’ lady; I feel certain that this will offend you PK; sorry; but it is my ‘take’ on this subject of PROPAGANDA and now this latest term – and what it ‘stands for’ – FAKE NEWS that you write about) :

    In America the liberal ‘Democratic’ non-Christian Press and TV (lDnC), especially CNN, ‘bamboozled’ the General Public with their one-sided bias; twisting of the truth; half-Truth/s; continual ruses; and yes even LIES.
    I HATE the Evil twisting of the Truth; the telling of half-Truths; the telling of blatant LIES coming out of the mouths of these liberal ‘Democratic’ non-Christian (lDnC) TV ‘announcers’ and ‘presenters’ employed by CNN and other News Media; but particularly CNN. They are Truly Disgusting ‘people’.
    I watched for months – in anger – as they tried their best to get their ‘candidate’ (Hillary Clinton) elected. These ‘announcers’ and ‘presenters’ are ‘mistresses’, they are ‘masters’ at ‘the art of the ruse’. Disgustingly so.
    Their candidate LOST; Mr. Trump WON. Now they are such SORE LOSERS. They ‘stir’ and they ‘stir’ and they ‘stir’ the pot day after day – ‘looking for trouble’ – trying their best to DIVIDE the NATION – no matter the COST !
    Evil is coming from the mouths of ALL these liberal Democratic non-Christian ‘presenters’ (lDnC) who are employed by CNN and other News Media. They answer to who ? The FACT that they keep on ‘stirring’ the pot trying to DIVIDE the NATION tells me – they sure as h… do NOT answer to JESUS. To who then do they answer ? As for me – it is not difficult to work it out !
    Just how FAKE are the ‘stories’ about Mrs. Clinton and her husband; about her assistant and husband; about her Campaign Manager; about Children and
    Come; join me in Prayer for Mr. Trump and his Elegant wife and his Articulate Children and for all those that Mr. Trump picks to help him ‘Stamp out’ racism; to Prosecute fairly ALL Crime; to ‘Make America Great Again’ for ALL Americans; to ‘Drain the Swamp’; to Restore the inner-Cities and Schools for the poor; especially for the so-called ‘black’ People; to ‘bring back’ jobs to America; to send Illegal Criminals ‘back home’ or straight to Prison; to keep Jihads out of America, but to let in those who love America and the American People as he (Mr. Trump) does. amen.
    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    P.S. PK, I am well aware of the many failings of Mr. Trump. They are MANY; I know. BUT as a Christian I accept that GOD is In Control; that He knows what He is doing; that we Christians should, according to the Scripture/s, accept and Pray for our Government/s and Leaders – while at the same time not accepting Corruption and the other Sins that they commit. Right PK.

    1. Dear Michael

      The propaganda war has been waged for centuries and by all political sides – ultra-right, left, right, and so forth.

      The biggest myth about the media is that it is objective; none of us are. We are guided by our experiences in how we view the world and we apply this lived experience to everything that we see and how we understand the world.

      Look, I absolutely dislike Trump but the point is his venom is all talk unlike Clinton, whose hand in the murder of many people around the world has been documented. All that was required in this story is to tell both sides of it. Both sides told us one-sided stories to cover-up for their preferred candidates and it was left to little news outlets to reveal Clinton’s emails. Mainstream media is angry.

      THe other issue is the hypocrisy of liberals in their supposed respect for democratic processes; Democracy is always palatable if they win otherwise its wrong.

      I could never pray for Trump, Michael, but I do accept he won in a democratic process – flawed as the American system seems to be. But he won and that we must respect.



  3. We are really tired of being fed venom by the mainstream media. Sis Pinky keep up the good work. What is left now is guys like Piet Mampuru to establish an alternative newspaper.

  4. Stigmatisation is the easiest way to obfuscate – Communist, Fascist, Putin Propagandist, Guptarite, Zumarite. ANC acolyte, Racist, white monopoly capitalist……and now FAKE…. All an easy distraction from the truth?

  5. Well I for one am glad that you exist.
    Quite frankly I’m tired of hearing how blacks are when I know I work hard for what I have.
    I always share what I read on these pages because people just don’t know.
    I know it’s not easy,but I look forward to being informed everyday by your news site.
    Keep going!

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