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Koorbonally challenges Stals, Marcus, Manuel, Mboweni, Ramos, Gordan…to a public debate on ABSA theft

By Pinky Khoabane

Busisiwe-Mkhwebane-2Public Protector Busisiwe Mkwhebane

Private Forensic Investigator Jeff Koorbonally has entered  the ABSA apartheid looting debate. For those who don’t know Koorbonally, apart from being an investigator who investigated the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in conjunction with ABSA, he’s a prolific letter-writer who’s probably written to all those “implicated” in the large-scale apartheid looting that took place on the eve of ANC’s reign. He’s also challenging the leadership of the ANC post-apartheid.

He has now asked for a public debate with former Governors of the Reserve Bank, Chris Stals, Tito Mboweni, Gill Marcus, former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, Barclays Africa CEO and Manuel’s wife, Maria Ramos and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. “I challenge Chris Stals, Tito Mboweni, Gill Marcus, Trevor Manuel, Pravin Gordhan and Maria Ramos to go on open public media debate with me to defend themselves. They can bring Johan Rupert also on the Panel,” he declared.

UnCensored is the first to publish a series of his open letters, first to Gordhan, then to former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and many others.

In his latest missive, he sent an open letter to Rupert in response to his claims that the CIEX report is a “work of fiction”. UnCensored will publish this letter tomorrow. “This is no Fiction, and I challenge Johan Rupert to call my investigation & findings Fiction. He will need to say that in an open live media debate with me. Am no British Spy, but a truly South African, an activist against injustices of financial crimes, white-collar crimes – historic and current,” he said.

Huffington Post wrote an article claiming that Stals, in the public protector’s report into ABSA, had confirmed that the financial institution had acknowledged the “lifeboat” and he had a written letter to the effect that it was willing to pay back the interest. In response, the former governor reportedly disputed the claim saying he had done everything to save the banking system. Koorbonally hit back calling the governor “one of the most corrupt Ex Governors”.

Koorbonally represents the Surtie family and he alleges that the family’s offshore inheritance was “politically blocked and retained in a Special Restricted account Antrecode 0000/4444 held at the Reserve Bank on behalf of the finance ministry since 1985”. The apartheid regime amended the Currency Act to legalise their theft, the investigator alleges.

Koorbonally says when the Currency Act was amended in 1996, in line with the Constitution of the Republic, the Surtie inheritance should have been released but it wasnt. He says the government should have at that time, advertised the unclaimed inheritance in line with the law. To Gordhan, he say: “Tell the public of this country that your ministry decided to further launder the Surtie family offshore inheritance into the fiscus system by means of re-issue of same bonds in 1996 and registration of them with BESA & putting them on Trade with both, first (JSE) & secondary World Stock markets (US,UK & others) and therefore committing the most serious act of money laundering and a serious violation of World Stock Markets rules & regulation”.




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  1. Hi Jeff
    I knew that there was something stinky going on in our banking sector……helped along by corrupt officials!
    Take them on …. the truth must emerge for us to move on!
    Jesse Samuels

  2. On a limelight Zuma that Zuma this,lets face the fact Zuma does not lead the country as an individua but collectively,if for instance there was looting on the ABSA subject,we have intelligence & private investigators who in this case must report their findings unless if this is a race card.

    1. It has never been about Zuma this and that from this angle,but Zuma as the President in the last resort. Intelligence,Law-Enforcement, NPA,OPP was brought into this matter as early as in 2010.what racecard are you suggesting it may be?

  3. I think that Mr Koorbanally should be allowed to debate the issue with the people mentioned. What have they got to hide. If he is wrong then we will all see that, but what if he is right?…………… Keep on writing PK

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